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Forum Thread: Oneplus 5t Unboxing || India

Launching its new flagship phone today, OnePlus joins in on the hottest trend of 2017 by nixing the display bezels, but it resists the urge to participate in another popular change by retaining its headphone jack. The new OnePlus 5T is only slightly taller than the OnePlus 5, however it fits a full 6-inch OLED display in roughly the same footprint as the earlier 5.5-inch device. OnePlus has also reworked its dual-camera system, making the secondary camera a dedicated low-light shooter, and it...

Forum Thread: XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 5 || SOLD OUT at GizmoChina

The smartphone was briefly listed on Chinese website with a price tag of CNY 8,888 (roughly Rs 88,000). However, this is just a gimmick according to GizmoChina as the number 8 is considered lucky in the Chinese culture. The real price of the phone is speculated to be around CNY 1,200 (roughly Rs 12,000)

Forum Thread: Enhancing Your Android Productivity with Floating Apps (Multitasking)

When Android Multi window was introduced in the developer options section of Android Marshmallow, I was thrilled to use it, as much as everybody else was. Then I found out it was not that much of a buff, got disappointed and expected an upgrade in the next version. Now with Nougat, it's not hidden in the deepest of settings anymore, yet I think it still fails to provide too much usefulness.

Forum Thread: Backing Up Memory from Broken HTC Phone

Ok, so I hope I got the right forum... My HTC phone got broken screen, his touch sensors or whatever sends signal from screen is dead, I really need to get my memory from its internal memory(some voice recordings that are having real sentimental value for me..). I cant use or see the scream because its broken, MTP is off so when I plug it on my pc there is a sound like it found a device but it cant find it, also usb debugging is off so i cant turn MTP on from my pc. I was wondering can I some...

Forum Thread: How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Lately, a lot of videos are being posted on facebook, mostly comedians and vine-stars are putting up these videos to get more exposure – I've been watching a lot of these funny videos but wanted a way to get them on my android phone (Specifically my mom's phone since she's the one who asked me how to do that – this tutorial is based on the long SMS conversation that we had so I thought, why not give back to the wonderhowto community that helps me out – rock on guys)

Forum Thread: Error Message Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code

I have Metro Service, so I use the T-Mobile and the Universal code several times and I keep getting the above message. I have suspected my phone is hacked as my ex husband knows way too much of my personal life plus strange downloads, battery drains quick and the Stage Fright Test App thru Google Play Store tells me it is. Any thoughts and/or advice and what can I do. Factory reset my phone multiple times and even taken it to several Metro stores and they think I am crazy as they say it can o...

Forum Thread: What Should I NOT Want to See in My Trusted Credentials Log?

My phone (htc desire) is showing all signs of some type of malware . So went to check out my security settings and and found an app that I did not download. In fact the logo of said app was incorrect. They basic design was the same but the color and other small details were not of the genuine app logo. Needless to say, I deleted it. Now I took a look at the trusted credentials and I am not sure if some the certs should be there cause they sound pretty shady. How ever I am a newbie and don't k...

Forum Thread: Top 5 Android Twitter Apps

We love twitter, using the same old twitter apps can get quite boring, so here are our top 5 android twitter apps that you can use to enhance your twitter experience. Some of the apps that you will read about here might be paid and others free, they were all ranked based on usability and regular updates.

Forum Thread: Okay, I'm Really New to Spotify and Don't Understand Something...the Money Situation .....

I'm really frustrated and feel stupid....I wanted to try the premium version and got a 7-day trial..ok, well, the problem is I didn't write down my username or password, however, I did give them my credit card #..and now it's telling me that there's a free 30-day trial, then they take the $9.99 off of my credit card....Does anyone out there know how I can cancel it, lease help ???????? oh I'm gave my card for Samsung Android tablet 5.2....

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