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Forum Thread: How to Transfer Android Contacts to Windows 10 People App

Microsoft works to polish its People app up on Windows 10 and makes the People app keeps all of your contacts together, rather than keeping a separate list of contacts for different apps— for example, email contacts and messaging contacts. Once you've added contacts to the People app, you'll use the same contact information to send emails, chat, and share files and photos. Hence, if we could sync our Android phone contacts to the Windows 10 People App, it would bring enormous convenient to ou...

Forum Thread: Be Careful Before Buying Products Online!

I got some of my favorite things in front of my eyes and bought it by step, but it should be done. Since currently online competitiveness in our country is comparatively low, many will want to get the benefit of it. At the price of a product you are selling in the market, the same product is sold at a comparatively high price online. In that case, try to know about market prices. You can buy two prices by comparing it.

Forum Thread: How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Phone Number

Here in this post, You will learn how to send a whatsApp message without saving a phone number in your Phonebook. Usually, you cannot send WhatsApp message to someone who is not in your contact list. You first have to add his number to your contact list then from whatsApp application, you can send them a message. But Now you can also send message to random numbers without saving their numbers to your contact list. Watch the full video to know the trick.

Forum Thread: 3 Different Ways - Check Treble Support for Your Phone

This is only for those if their your phone has been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo or higher. Phones pre-installed with android Oreo are required to support Project Treble — but that isn't the case if your phone gets updated to Oreo. Some OEMs are adding Treble support, others are not. But you can see if your phone got it by using the methods in the video, then your phone supports Treble

Forum Thread: Illustrator on My Phone

Sometimes I create a small design in Adobe Illustrator right on my phone. But today, before sending one of my old drawings, I saw that he was now opening in a distorted form. I don't know what could go wrong. But I really hope for a solution.

Forum Thread: It seems that the file is damaged.

I'm a designer and I'm working on vector graphics and not only. In work it is necessary to resort to various flexible methods and various software. But today I'm stuck in Photoshop on Android for a long time because of an error. While working on sufficient volumetric graphics, the program crashed. There was something terrible with a stretched and flattened texture, in general - all the work stopped. Is there any personal experience in the algorithm for further action? It seems that the file i...

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