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Forum Thread: It seems that the file is damaged.

I'm a designer and I'm working on vector graphics and not only. In work it is necessary to resort to various flexible methods and various software. But today I'm stuck in Photoshop on Android for a long time because of an error. While working on sufficient volumetric graphics, the program crashed. There was something terrible with a stretched and flattened texture, in general - all the work stopped. Is there any personal experience in the algorithm for further action? It seems that the file i...

Forum Thread: Speedy Fix for Common Parallels Errors and Issues

For any kind of support for parallels issues, just do not hesitate to make use of the parallels phone support services. You will also be able to get detailed information about the errors by checking out Technical experts via the contact number for parallels technical support will efficiently help you to get rid of all kinds of issues. Parallels customer support phone number is the fastest way to solve your ...

Forum Thread: 5 Reasons Why We Should Use Android Technology

The operating system you choose for your smartphone or tablet is one of the most important technology decisions you will make. You need to ensure that you have all of the functions and you need to fully operate your device. Exploring some of the benefits of the Android system is a great way to see if this is the operating system for you.

Forum Thread: Enhancing Your Android Productivity with Floating Apps (Multitasking)

When Android Multi window was introduced in the developer options section of Android Marshmallow, I was thrilled to use it, as much as everybody else was. Then I found out it was not that much of a buff, got disappointed and expected an upgrade in the next version. Now with Nougat, it's not hidden in the deepest of settings anymore, yet I think it still fails to provide too much usefulness.

Forum Thread: Backing Up Memory from Broken HTC Phone

Ok, so I hope I got the right forum... My HTC phone got broken screen, his touch sensors or whatever sends signal from screen is dead, I really need to get my memory from its internal memory(some voice recordings that are having real sentimental value for me..). I cant use or see the scream because its broken, MTP is off so when I plug it on my pc there is a sound like it found a device but it cant find it, also usb debugging is off so i cant turn MTP on from my pc. I was wondering can I some...

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