Forum Thread: What Should I NOT Want to See in My Trusted Credentials Log?

My phone (htc desire) is showing all signs of some type of malware . So went to check out my security settings and and found an app that I did not download. In fact the logo of said app was incorrect. They basic design was the same but the color and other small details were not of the genuine app logo. Needless to say, I deleted it. Now I took a look at the trusted credentials and I am not sure if some the certs should be there cause they sound pretty shady. How ever I am a newbie and don't know what exactly I am supposed to see here

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Can you provide a screenshot please?

I posted a link ?? in the comments thread. Thanks I appreciate your time and help with this

Oh wow, some of those definitely look shady. Unfortunately, I think your best bet would be to perform a factory reset. I know it isn't ideal, but the other solution would be to manually remove these one-by-one.

It isn't ideal but I refuse to allow this to continue. I don't know who it is or what they want but I'm gonna try my best to make sure they come up blank and feel stupid. Any advice on how I can maybe find out who it is?

Can I please see the screen shot of of your list so I may compare it to mine

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