How To: Be More Secretive Using Hide SMS and Call Recorder

Be More Secretive Using Hide SMS and Call Recorder

Some people are of extremely secretive nature. They do not like sharing their personal events in their lives with anyone. Thus people around that person wont be able to figure out details on their life's personal matters. It is not like they want to hide some mysterious secrets from the world, but it is just their nature that they do not want others to know much about them or are too shy to share their feelings with others. Being secretive is neither good nor bad, it is just how they are.

In fact, if someone tries to know much about them, they feel uncomfortable or even offended, thus they try to keep themselves in a bubble.

Hide SMS and Call Recorder Can Help You Be Secretive

A smartphone can tell a lot about a person. If someone gets hold of a stranger's smartphone belonging to a person of a secretive nature, one can know much about their personal life. Especially, communication details such as contacts, call logs, text messages, etc. can depict plenty about a person.

However, using apps like Hide SMS and Call Recorder for Android can really keep all communication details undisclosed. It can lock contacts, protect call logs, hide SMS, and record calls secretly that leaves no trace of communication details behind.

Three Security Credentials (Password, PIN or Pattern):

After downloading this app, you will have to choose between password, PIN, or pattern as your master login credential. Afterwards, you can start securing your communication details such as contacts, call logs, text messages, and others.

Secured Contacts:

You can add new or import private contacts in the app to ensure their protection. Just log into the app, tap on the contacts icon, tap the + sign at the top right, and select the contacts that you desire to secure. You can also add new contacts directly into the application.

Secret Call Logs:

The details of incoming or outgoing calls on the secured contacts cannot be seen from the call logs. The app leaves no footprints of dialed and received calls to and from secured contacts outside the application. You can only view your communication history related to the secured contacts from within the app's interface.

Safeguard Text Messages:

You can easily send and receive text messages using the app. All of your SMS will remain secret from prying eyes as the app leaves no signs of sent and received SMS from the secured contacts outside this application.

Record Calls:

The application also lets you record phone conversations with your secret contacts. Moreover, these recordings are well secured in the application, thus no one can really get access to your confidential call recordings. You can also listen to these call recordings from within the app's interface.

When someone tries to get access to your confidential communication details, the front camera of the phone captures the picture of the person who is attempting to access your details by entering a wrong password. You will know who tried to access your contacts and other related details in your absence.

Stealth Mode:

This feature hides your application's icon, consequently, no one is able to discover the application. You just need to dial *9999 to launch the app. You can easily turn on this feature by enabling from the settings menu.

Panic Switch:

Panic Switch helps you switch over to another application with just a flick, shake, or by placing your palm on the screen. This feature helps you to maintain privacy from shoulder snooping or when someone is heading towards you. You need to activate this feature from settings menu and select the mode of panic switch: either flick, shake, or placing palm on screen.

Stealth Mode and Panic Switch are only available in the Hide SMS and Call Recorder Pro Version.


Hide SMS and Call Recorder helps you keep your communication activities safe and secure. The app is reliable and extremely easy to use.

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