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Forum Thread: How to Get YouTube Red for Free

Google's YouTube Red is an awesome service, particularly in the United States where it comes bundled with a subscription to Google Play Music. You don't have to worry about ever seeing ads again on any videos, you can continue playback after you exit the YouTube app or even when you turn your screen off, you can download Apk Mirror videos for offline playback, and you'll have access to YouTube Music.

Forum Thread: Your One-Stop App To Manage All Your Personal Finance Woes

Managing one's personal finance is quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks for people these days. And, it's not just the typical out-of-college youngsters that are afflicted by this condition, even the veterans who have been working for years tend to struggle with this. Besides, poor financial planning will lead to overspending and subsequently towards debt traps, which many are ill-equipped to deal with. While there are thousands of smartphone apps that help take care of this, not a...

Forum Thread: Enhancing Your Android Productivity with Floating Apps (Multitasking)

When Android Multi window was introduced in the developer options section of Android Marshmallow, I was thrilled to use it, as much as everybody else was. Then I found out it was not that much of a buff, got disappointed and expected an upgrade in the next version. Now with Nougat, it's not hidden in the deepest of settings anymore, yet I think it still fails to provide too much usefulness.

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