Forum Thread: Removal of an Unremovable Virus Help

some how i noticed that i got a virus on my android so i tried to remove but thats when i saw that it has been converted into a system app. I factory reseted the device but still its there.

can anyone help to get this out of my system i think its
>ewind virus

plz reply if you know hoow to delete these type of viruses..........................

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That's a particularly nasty virus. Like you said, since it's now a system app, a factory reset won't work. The only way to truly remove it would be to re-flash the stock firmware, or to root your phone and use an app like Titanium Backup to delete it.

Short of that, you can try disabling the app. This would leave the APK on your system partition, so it's not ideal, but it would at least prevent the app from running.

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