News: Latest Yahoo Mail App Update Adds Colorful Themes & Features

Latest Yahoo Mail App Update Adds Colorful Themes & Features

Yahoo is giving its Mail app for Android a new look with its 5.3 version, giving you eleven color themes you can use to customize its look.

In addition to changing the color scheme, there are a few new options rolled in as well:

  • Rename accounts: If you have multiple accounts, you can easily switch their names in the account switcher. Just long-press the account and you'll be able to name it anything you'd like.
  • Subfolders: Long-press on a folder and you'll be given options, like creating a subfolder, renaming it, or deleting it altogether.
  • Stars: Yahoo Mail has added stars—similar to Gmail—that let you mark important messages. You can enable stars in the settings menu.
  • Photo options: Tapping on an image now lets you preview or save the image. Also, tapping on the "..." button in the composer lets you easily move an image between the message's body and the attachment tray.

Version 5.3 began rolling out March 8th—if you haven't received the update yet, it shouldn't be too much longer.

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