How To: TouchPal's Update Makes It the Most Themable Android Keyboard to Date

TouchPal's Update Makes It the Most Themable Android Keyboard to Date

Accumulating approximately one million downloads on the Google Play Store in less than 72 hours from its initial release, TouchPal instantly became a favorite among Android users.

With the keyboard functioning on all cylinders, Chinese app developer CooTek set their focus on aesthetics with their latest Oct. 13th update, giving users even more incentive to stick with the popular keyboard. Let's go over the latest update and how much better you can get your keyboard looking.

For an in-depth look at TouchPal and all it has to offer, as well as setting it up, check out our complete TouchPal guide. Once you're ready, grab the latest version directly from the Google Play Store, or make sure to update the one you already have.

New Features in TouchPal Version 5.6.6

As mentioned by a TouchPal representative, autocorrect has been improved and battery consumption reduced, but the best improvement comes to the keyboard's customization feature. You now have the freedom to set custom images or solid-colored backgrounds, edit transparency, and choose font coloring.

How the New Theming Options Work

To customize your keyboard, tap the TouchPal logo while you're using it, then go to Theme and select Wallpaper.

From the customization screen, you can choose to take a picture, load one from your gallery, or just choose a color.

After picking one, scroll down to choose a color for the lettering (which would be better with more options) and to select the transparency. If you're using a custom image, it sometimes is best to make the keyboard completely transparent.

Don't fret iPhone users, TouchPal is available for iOS 8, though you'll need to wait for these customization features in an update.

TouchPal is a great keyboard that's been made better with some simple customization add-ons. Share us your thoughts or opinions in the comment section below or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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Does the Touch pal-free emoji keyboard work with Swype?

Well, they're actually two different keyboards, so no. But TouchPal is just as good as Swype and it does have those emojis, so you might want to try it out.

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