News: 10 Awesome (& Free) Dark Themes for Your Galaxy S9

10 Awesome (& Free) Dark Themes for Your Galaxy S9

One of the best features on the Galaxy S9 is the ability to quickly apply new themes from the Samsung theme store. A number of the available themes are available at no cost. If you pick the right dark theme, you might even be able to save some battery life over the course of your day. Unfortunately, not every theme is worth your time, so we curated list of dark themes worth downloading.

Dark and black themes are plentiful in the Samsung theme store. These themes include dark wallpapers and settings menus. An added perk of using a dark theme with an AMOLED display is the additional battery savings.

1. MattBlack

This theme features flat icons with white text. The settings and dialer are a dark grey with mint green accents. Most Samsung stock apps are themed in this setup, but you will notice that most Google apps are not. This is one of the main drawbacks of Samsung themes from the theme store — you will not get full icon theming for third-party apps.

2. Black Onix

Black Onix is a bit more futuristic, with electric blue accents and text. The icons also feature a multicolor look. The wallpaper itself is a fantastic AMOLED option, even if you use it with an alternate launcher or icon pack.

3. [MINU] Black Edition

Another set of flat icons, but without any fancy accent colors. This is a great option if you want a simple black and white theme.

4. [MINU] Black Edition V2

A small update to the original Black Edition theme, with some small splices of color throughout the UI, especially in the dialer and Messaging app.

5. [MINU] Material Black

A black theme featuring stock icons. The accent color here also matches the material black keyboard found in Gboard for an added bit of customization.

6. Material Dark

If you like the Material Black theme, but prefer something a few shades lighter, Material Dark might be the theme for you. Featuring the same Material green accents from the black theme, but with a lighter grey wallpaper and settings menu. You still get the same great stock icon pack.

7. [Anup] Black

A theme tailor-made for popular tech YouTuber MKBHD. This theme features a black and red wallpaper, dialer, and quick settings menu. The main Settings page breaks this up a bit with a multicolor palette. The icons are a flat white color with a minimal circular shape. The red navigation buttons are perhaps the most unique feature of this theme.

8. [Aire] Sd-Black

If colorful themes are your thing, this one is a great choice. This theme retains the black wallpaper and dark grey settings menu, but adds a pop of color on the icons and lock screen clock.

9. High-Contrast Theme: Sky Black

This theme is geared toward bright white text on black backgrounds. There is an element of color present in the icons and the Settings menu. One small detractor for this theme is that some text fields end up as black on black, which appears to be a bug.

10. Space

Definitely the most out-there theme on our list. This theme features a wallpaper and icon pack inspired by outer space. The icons are a bit cartoonish, which can throw off the look since the majority of your third-party icons will not be themed. If that doesn't bother you, an animated lock screen wallpaper with aliens rounds out this excellent dark theme.

There are a number of great themes in the Samsung Theme Store. Hopefully these dark themes give you a taste of what is possible when customizing your Galaxy S9. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you find any other interesting themes. Also, if you would like to us to compile a similar list for paid themes, sound off below!

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Cover image and screenshots by Jeff Springer/Gadget Hacks

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I have been searching for the "Space" theme for as long as I can remember. I think I originally had it on the Note 2? At any rate, I would be remiss to not say thank you. This was the only place I could find the theme mentioned, which led me to the Galaxy Store link. Thank you very much.

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