Forum Thread: Backing Up Memory from Broken HTC Phone

Ok, so I hope I got the right forum... My HTC phone got broken screen, his touch sensors or whatever sends signal from screen is dead, I really need to get my memory from its internal memory(some voice recordings that are having real sentimental value for me..). I cant use or see the scream because its broken, MTP is off so when I plug it on my pc there is a sound like it found a device but it cant find it, also usb debugging is off so i cant turn MTP on from my pc. I was wondering can I somehow turn it on without adb, actually can I somehow get that memory, I don't care if I even need to open the phone and get it directly from motherboard I just need help how to do it, if you know some good video tutorial or you can tell me steps to get it out just I really hope that there is a way to get that voice recordings...

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