Galaxy S8 Oreo Update: New Colors & Clock Styles for Samsung's Always On Display

New Colors & Clock Styles for Samsung's Always On Display

Samsung's latest Oreo Beta update for the Galaxy S8 brings an impressive number of new customization features. On the lock screen, we've seen the introduction of new colorization options for the clock and transparent notifications. Not to be forgotten, the Always On Display is getting some new clock styles and colors.

Samsung touted a number of unique clock styles for the Always on Display at launch of the Galaxy S8 earlier this year. With the S8 Oreo Beta, we're getting even more to choose from (seen below). To set a custom style, head to Settings –> Lock Screen and Security and make sure you have the Always On Display toggle enabled. Next, tap on the "Clock and Face Widgets" option just below the AOD toggle. Choose "Clock Style" from the menu, and you're ready to create your personalized look!

In addition to all of the new styles, we also have the ability to change the color of each clock. The color options are impressive, with several multicolor palettes on top of the more traditional solid color choices. If you like a distinct clock on your lock screen and Always on Display, you can now set these clocks individually, with custom color combos for each.

One other key improvement to the Always On Display menu is the visibility of the custom themes that users can download from the Samsung Theme Store. In Nougat, the Theme Store link is buried in the overflow menu. The layout for Oreo lists the custom Always on Display as a separate option, completely visible to the user.

When tapping on the custom icon, you will be taken to the Theme Store to peruse the available themes. If you download a custom Always On Display theme, it will then appear in your list of available options going forward.

The number of customization options in Android 8.0 for the Galaxy S8 is really piling up at this point. We're looking forward to the stable version rolling out so that more people can enjoy some of these new goodies. Let us know in the comments what your favorite feature of the Oreo Beta is so far!

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Cover image and Screenshots via Jeff Springer/GadgetHacks

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One of the many new features on the Beta is the ability to choose new High Resolution or High Vis Keyboards Very cool !

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