News: Google Teases Android O's Half-Dunked Code Name with an Enticing Easter Egg

Google Teases Android O's Half-Dunked Code Name with an Enticing Easter Egg

Google loves to play games. That's just what they did when they went ahead and teased us with a few Android O hints after Reddit user Zitroney unlocked an Easter egg in a Google Creative Lab developer's app ShortStories.

At the moment Android O, Google's upcoming version of Android, is like an Oreo without the icing. Not quite ready to be dunked, but almost pieced together.

ShortStories is an app where you play text-based games using various elements of the Android System UI. Wordplay on Plex, a fictional realm of the game, and DayDream are used to entice users into a mysterious hunt for answers in different scenarios.

Zitroney unlocked the apps "Dialogs" section where he was able to find a list of achievements and then unlock the "O" section by exploring various paths in the game's story.

According to Zitroney, he was playing a path where you have to find the Android versions of sweets.

Image via Zitroney

When he encountered the "O" in the game, the description that popped up matched an Oreo, leading us to believe that the next Android version will indeed be referred to as the sweet's name.

Zitroney was able to unlock this pattern and we're sure glad he did because a very poetic "O" achievement came about, teasing us with possible hints about the name of the upcoming OS:

Image via Zitroney

As amusing as ShortStories' wordplay is, we can only take its references to Android O(reo) so much. Again, Google loves to play games, and it's not like the company hasn't fooled us before when it comes to naming the next version of Android.

Do you all remember when Android Nougat was thought to be Android Nutella? Yes, that would have been seemingly more delicious, but alas, that is not the name that Google decided to run with.

Google's good at pulling stunts for giggles all the time. So for now, let's all just enjoy calling Android O Android Oreo for the time being, until we know we can slam dunk it for sure.

Image via Davvo

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