Forum Thread: How to Review or Write a Testimonial for Your Friends and Get Reviewed Back.

At some point of time we all want to thank someone or show our gratitude.Be it many occasions and experiences. Repustation app lets you do just that.

Step 1: Download Repustation App

It is available on Android atm.

Repustation - Android Apps on Google Play

Repustation - Android Apps on Google Play Want to know what others think about you? Get Repustation.

Step 2: Install the App

Enter your phone number and you receive a code and make your profile giving basic details.

Step 3: Make Your Friends Profile.

Easily make a profile by clicking on add new profile. You can make profile of only people who are in your contact list.The person gets a text message telling him to verify his profile and they can edit the profile.

Step 4: Write a Review for Your Friend and Request a Review Back.

Show your gratitude to your friend by writing an interesting review.The person has a choice to accept or reject a review.

Step 5: See What Others Have Reviewed.

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