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How To: Get Rid of Google Assistant on Your Android Device & Switch Back to Google Now

Now that Google Assistant is coming to all devices running Android Marshmallow or higher, roughly one out of every three Android users will no longer be able to access the old Google Now interface. The Assistant, which was previously exclusive to Pixel devices, takes over your home button long-press gesture and completely replaces all of the old Google voice search functionality.

How To: Google Now Is Banned in Several Countries—Here's How to Enable It

For some strange reason, Google Now is unavailable in several countries across the globe. Users from Albania, China, Cyprus, Malta, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Tunisia, and many more big countries have reported for years that the service doesn't work in their area, mostly likely because Location Reporting is not available in their region. This is really a shame, because Google Now has some great features.

Android Basics: How to Set Up Google Now

Android's personal assistant is more than just a sassy backtalker—it's a full-on suite of all the information you could need at a given time. Google Now, as it's called, uses data from various sources to predict what you'll want to know before you even search for it, and it's an amazing experience once you've got everything set up.

How To: Get the Pixel 2 Launcher with the Bottom Search Bar & Google Now — No Root Needed

Update 10/14: Developer paphonb has added rootless Google Now integration to the leaked Pixel 2 launcher, so now, anyone running Android Nougat or Oreo can get the full Pixel 2 home screen experience. For those running Lollipop or Marshmallow, we've left the unaltered leaked version linked out below, but we've added a new link for the tweaked version with Google Now integration.

News: Nova Launcher Receives Updated Google Now Page

One of the better additions in the stock Android launcher is the Google Now page. Residing to the left of the home screen, this page presents a host of information based on the user's interests, which Google bases on analyzed data. Recently, the Google Now page design received a makeover which Nova Launcher users can now enjoy.

How To: Go Caroling with Google Now's Christmas Song Karaoke Cheat Sheet for Android

If you're using an Android phone or tablet with Google Now, then you and your little ones are in for a little treat. Just tell Google, "Let's Go Caroling," and watch the holiday metamorphosis as your device changes into a personal, karaoke caroling machine. Just in time for the holidays! Choose from one of five famous Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, Up on the House Top, Deck the Halls, O Christmas Tree, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas), press Play, then keep up with the bouncing ball as it h...

News: Google Now Will Switch Languages on the Fly

The latest update to Google Search—which is Google Now—includes the ability to switch languages on the fly. This means that "spanglish", or any other popular combination of languages, will be understood in context by Google's search engine. The feature is live, so give it a shot for yourself. With recent additions of parking location tracking, bill reminders, and a stellar World Cup tracker, Google Now just continues to get better and better. Let us know what you think of the latest addition ...

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