News: Google Now Will Automatically Remember Where You Parked

Google Now Will Automatically Remember Where You Parked

The latest update to Google Search, which is rolling out right now, brings automatic parking spot pinning through its Google Now platform.

The feature is on by default, and will show an approximate location of your vehicle if driving is your main source of transportation. Using your device's sensors, Google determines when you leave a moving object and interprets that as a parking location.

Now if you took a bus or got a ride from a friend, this information will also register as a parking spot, so the mechanism may need to be adjusted for your individual needs. Tap the three-dot menu button to configure settings.

To disable the feature completely, simply select "No" when asked if you want to keep receiving reminders about parking.

Setting Nicknames

The update also allows you to set nicknames for contacts, such as "mom", "sister", etc. Simply open the voice prompt and say "XX is my YY".

Head to Settings -> Accounts & privacy -> Nicknames to view your set nicknames. You can also change or remove them but saying "XX is not my YY". Pretty neat.

If the update hasn't yet hit your device, you can grab it directly here, just make sure to have "Unknown sources" enabled in your Security settings.

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Please Google find a way to just take me home too. While you're at it Google, cook me dinner.

This is so clever - especially since I always forget to use those parking apps. But I went to a concert the other day (prime opportunity to test this out) and it didn't work =/ Maybe it was something I did (or didn't) do?

You should check your location settings, as this works best on "High Accuracy". But regardless, it may take a little time to learn your habits, and if you were in stop-and-go traffic, that may have adverse effects as well.

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