News: LG G5 to Be Unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Stealing Samsung's Thunder

LG G5 to Be Unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Stealing Samsung's Thunder

February 21st is going to be a busy day for Android smartphones. Samsung has already scheduled its "Unpacked" event to show off their new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets, and now LG is joining in on the action, as it will unveil the G5 on the same day, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Who knows what's going on in this picture, but maybe we'll find out when LG debuts the G5 on February 21. Image by LG/Facebook

Not a whole lot has been confirmed about what the G5 will feature, but there are strong rumors that LG's flagship handset will come equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 system-on-a-chip, and will have 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of on-device storage.

The rear-facing camera is believed to utilize two lenses, giving you a 135-degree field of vision for wide angle shots, and will also have two LED flash bulbs and a laser to assist with auto-focus. The rear camera will likely shoot 16-megapixel images, while it'll like have an 8 MP front-facing camera.

The LG G5 is also rumored to include something called a "Magic Slot." Not much is known about it, but according to reports, the slot can be used to connect cameras, VR equipment, speakers, physical keyboards, and who knows what else to the handset.

No mention was made of microSD compatibility, but chances are slim that LG would choose to do away with it at this point. We'd also guess a replaceable battery will be present.

No official release date has been announced, but, if LG's debuting the G5 on the same day as the new Galaxy S7 line, you can be pretty sure that they'll hit the market around the same time as well, most likely in March 2016.

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