News: Leaked Pics of the Upcoming LG G5 & Its 'Magic Slot' Removable Battery

Leaked Pics of the Upcoming LG G5 & Its 'Magic Slot' Removable Battery

LG is set to launch its G5 handset on February 21st at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, but images of the G5 have now been leaked ahead of the event by Evan Blass (@evleaks). This image shows that the handset will indeed have two lenses on its rear-facing camera so that you can shoot wide-angle 135º photos.

The front and rear views of the LG G5. Image by Evan Blass/Twitter

Looks like the "Magic Slot" is also a reality, as this image of the Magic Slot removable battery on an LG box leaked as well. The image of the backside of the G5 clearly shows a seam, which is a pretty good indication that this is legit. The Magic Slot is also rumored to support camera modules, a physical keyboard, external speakers, and more.

This LG box art shows a battery attached to the Magic Slot. Image by Anzhou/NWE

According to Blass, the G5 will also feature a secondary "ticker" screen that will probably be similar to the second screen on the LG V10. This way, you can access some of your phone's features without having to unlock it, saving you time and battery life.

So far, feedback on the internet has been mixed. Commenters seem intrigued by the Magic Slot, but some aren't exactly thrilled with the G5's look. Others have pointed out that the backside of the LG G5 bears a resemblance to a certain bending unit from the year 3000.

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