News: Galaxy S9 Announcement, Preorder & Release Dates

Galaxy S9 Announcement, Preorder & Release Dates

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two fantastic devices. That's why we're so excited about the upcoming S9 and S9+. With dual cameras, super slo-mo, dual aperture, and even smaller bezels, the S9 looks to be a device worth picking up day-one. Thankfully, we now officially know when that day is.

Announcement & Release Dates

Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ February 25th at MWC 2018. Aside from unveiling the fantastic new features found with the device, the company also unveiled when the public could get its hands on the brand-new Galaxy phones.

For those looking to preorder the devices as soon as possible, mark your calendars for March 2. While we initially believed Samsung would allow customers to place an order for the S9 starting March 1, the Galaxy-maker decided to push it one day later. S9 preorders go live March 2 at 12 AM EST.

The phone officially goes live starting March 16. Customers who preorder should expect their devices to ship by then, and those who want to buy a phone in-stores can start lining-up on that date.

Right now, you can reserve an S9 or S9+. This reservation isn't a preorder, but will alert you on March 2 when preorders go live. If you're worried you'll miss that deadline, reserving an S9 isn't a bad idea.

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