News: The LG V35 ThinQ Will Come with a Hefty Price Tag

The LG V35 ThinQ Will Come with a Hefty Price Tag

We learned during the LG G7 ThinQ announcement that AT&T would be carrying a new V series device, the V35 ThinQ. In the LG V35 ThinQ's press release, LG revealed its specifications but left out pricing and availability. Thanks to Project Fi, we now know its price tag, and you may not like it.

Project Fi, the wireless carrier service created by Google, announced they will be carrying three new phones: the Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ. This announcement taught us two things, the first is Project Fi will be the only other carrier to sell the V35 ThinQ. Second, we learned the price of the yet-to-be-revealed LG phone.

Project Fi, which typically offers phones at or below MSRP, is offering the V35 ThinQ to its customers at $899. At this price, it is $10 more than the 128 GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9+. It is also $50 more than the recently-announced 128 GB variant of the HTC U12+.

If the V35 ThinQ was a significant upgrade over the V30, this pricing wouldn't be news. However, the specs indicate otherwise, which could hinder sales considering the uninspiring design. The AT&T and Project Fi-exclusive product will have a hard time convincing customers to switch from their Galaxy S9 at that pricing.

Maybe LG will include a discount when its first launch, similar to what they did with the expensive V30S ThinQ. But you can be the judge. Check out our coverage of the LG V35 ThinQ below, where we consolidated all the latest info found on the web and see if you believe if this device is worth that price.

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