News: This Is How Much the Galaxy S9 Will Cost in the US

This Is How Much the Galaxy S9 Will Cost in the US

Although expected to be only a modest upgrade over the S8, we can't help but be excited about the Galaxy S9's unveiling late next month. Among the many rumors and questions we're looking to see addressed, one of the biggest queries we have is, of course, with the price tag. We might not have to wait a month for the goods, however, thanks to a new pricing announcement out of South Korea.

According to the Korean outlet ETnews, a Samsung official confirmed the S9 will cost 950,000 and 990,000 South Korean Won. While the article is not totally clear, we expect, based off GSMArena's reporting, the latter figure refers to the S9+, as opposed to a higher-tier S9 model.

If those figures are correct, we could see the S9 go for roughly $882.55 here in the US, while the S9+ would come in at about $919.71, as one US dollar currently equates to just under 1,072 South Korean Won.

Those numbers aren't too far off from conversions from last year's devices. The S8 ran 930,000 won, which equaled about $820 US at the time of its release. However, the US model ended up costing just $725, about $100 less than the conversion would suggest.

Whether a tax discrepancy caused the massive price gap, or Samsung's target price for the US ignored the one in South Korea, we clearly need to take these conversions with a grain of salt. Expect to pay anywhere from $780 to $880 for an S9 this year. However, going off 2017, we would imagine the price to be at the lower end of that spectrum.

The S9 is expected to include the new Snapdragon 845 SoC, dual cameras, advanced facial recognition technology, and, yes, a headphone jack.

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