How To: Save Snapchats on Android Undetected (No Root Needed)

Save Snapchats on Android Undetected (No Root Needed)

Some of the best images I've seen were shared via Snapchat, but once they're expired, they're gone forever, with no way to view them again unless I want to take a screenshot. But that will, of course, alert the sender.

Some of your friends might not mind if you take a screenshot of one of their snaps. Others, however, could be disturbed that their temporary, fleeting photo or video has become permanently saved on your phone.

Fortunately, there's a simple, non-root method on Android devices that will allow you to save both pictures and videos shared through Snapchat without notifying the sender. That way you can creep like a pro, and they can go on using Snapchat without worry.


As with any third-party Snapchat client, there is a risk of being locked out of your account by Snapchat, or possibly even being banned, so make sure you're okay with the risks before continuing to use Casper. More information can be found on Snapchat's site.

Step 1: Install Casper

To begin, enable "Unknown sources" on your Android device, then install Casper from developer Liam Cottle (whom we've featured before).

Step 2: Sign into Your Account

In order to sign into Casper, you will need to use your Snapchat credentials as well as a Google account for authentication. Note that signing into a Snapchat client like Casper will automatically sign you out of the official Snapchat app on your device.

As stated by the developer, it's highly recommended to create a fake Google account to prevent Snapchat from blocking your personal account from the official Snapchat app on your device. For more information on how logging in works in Casper, see its help page. Also, you can check out the developer's Reddit comment for details on how it uses Google credentials to login.

Step 3: Save Other People's Snaps

Casper's interface is easy to get used to. The first page has direct snaps, the next has stories, after that it's your friends list, and then friend requests on the last page.

When you're saving a direct snap, whether it's a picture or video, just open it and tap the download icon located towards the top of the page.

To save an image or video from a story, start by tapping a particular story to expand it and display each individual picture and video. Then, just tap the one you want to open and save it by tapping the download icon.

All the saved content can be viewed from within your device's gallery app in the "Saved Snaps" album.

Use Casper as a Snapchat Client

If you like Casper enough, you can disable ads with an in-app purchase ($2.99) and replace the official Snapchat app with it. Casper offers all of the tools Snapchat does as well as some additional ones, like choosing between various emoji styles.

If you've been looking for a way to save some of your favorite snaps, then Casper is definitely worth the try.

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Keeps stating that my email address and password don't match despite it being correct when I login online. Any thoughts or suggestions?

It's snapchats way of warning you.

This does work SORTA, I've used root apps like it. The problem is that snapchat knows it's a third party. Week 3 in they will message your account and inform you to change your password. If you continue using the third party application your account will be deleted. Greatly written article though.

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