Forum Thread: Humble Presentation from a Newcoming Reverser and Sharing Some Simple but Usefull Tools Ive Developped on-the-Fly. #:\H

EDIT: wow sorry seems like an unexpected error happen and nothing had been posted 0o' here the message i first wrote:

#:\Hello World!

First off lemme introduce, i am new to your community actually, applyed yesterday, il start talking about me a little bit by saying sorry about my bad english. My primary langage as been French.

Even if i have a perfect understanding of it for speaking/ reading you may notice that my english typing is pretty bad. I am usually someone with a good langage and i believe in the importance of bein self desciplined when it come to editing thread and sharing knowledge as a civilized adult we are ( that i am at least).

When i found your community yesterday , it have bein an unusual decision for me to applied to a community like yours, to refere at my experience and general set of mind, in the past i wasnt really someone according much importance to the 'social' aspect of my life in general.

I have no facebook,Twitter, or wtvr other of those kind of social account and i do not wish to have either (for personnal reason and conviction). But i use and host some ''Chat'' and communication programs and social website like forum.

Im not to talk much about my past experience, and my skills, what im able to do or what ive done till now etc. i think it just the way i am and the mentality of people ive been hanging with during my travel as a reverser .

I think with the time im starting to have different minding and value why im glad to join your community and either let people benefit from my experience same as learning from you and sharing knowledge.

So as it is for the presentation.

By joining you, and as a mark of respect, courtesy.

Ive spend some time developping earlier editing and developping some really simplistic and basic tool on-the-fly to share with everyone more as a thanks present honnestly since it really not a bit deal :)

I've made a really basic executable tool first , along with 2 even more simple Batch Script that are usefull for everyday uses.

I have noticed that nowadays, everything seems to turn around User-Friendly GUI, software , and it all about this xD (Not insulting or degrading this commentary isnt sarcastic at all believe me!

But!! I also noticed that almost everyone now depend on those programs so much that they end-up learning absolutely nothing, and as soon the dedicated programs for a specifics task for any reason cant proceed or is broken it like the end of the world and then no one able to finally do anything noard even understand what are specificly doing those tools.

So to present myself.

and by the same time, not only sharing some ''Tools''.. But a part of myself, and a view on how i work and how i am so by the same time you learn a bit more about me :)

1st- First tool i want to Share is a Basic Password Generator (Cant find nothing more simple and basic to use but always usefull and handy!


A Promp will ask you for how much character you you want to create a random password

could be between 1 and charactere the only limit it have is the limit your computer will be able to generate :P


##For the 2 little following script i wrote just save them as .bat file if you want to be run by a simple click, or copy paste in a command promp or power shell##

-2nd This is probably the most simple tool ever made, but... will probably be also the most usefull

its a Batch Script that that will elevate you to System Privileges level . I've particuliary taugh about this 2 string command line cause i saw a thread yesterday from someone who was asking help being unable to get system priv because out-of-the-box command tool coudnt work.

So.. for usage ... theyre nothing hard on it, click it, it will run the 2 lane of simple command and gave you Sys Prev on a Windows OS.


3rd : Is a complete Network /Dns / Cookie / and IEnet default reset

it will:

  • kill internet explorer
  • gonna clear all cookie up-to-the-begining-of-the-time
  • gonna Clear ALL! Hidden tracker cookie / %appdata% file and stuff you cant manually clean
  • It will Reset all your internet paramater to default.
  • It will reset and dump/clean your net winsocks (usefull :) )

th gonna flush your DNS resolver cache (too many people doesnt do it on regular bases!

  • Gonna Force check for GPU driver update! (when you get hit by redirect hi-jacker or many other kind of virus most of the time it will disable all last GPU driver to use their high vulnerabilité and facility to inject with Rootkit , second to inject by after a own infecte Gpu driver to bacome able to hide anything he want from you even if you unhide - unhi-jack uncheck hidden content WTVR if you got infected by a manipulated Gpu driver it good luck for the rest


So this is it for a short presentation and 3 little every-day ue tool that actually took me between 5-25 minute to make

Best Regards!

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