Forum Thread: Hello I Am New to All of This. I Am Not the Most Intelligent Person Either.

Let me start from the beginning. I purchased my HTC f phone from a friend who had it on contract with at&t she didn't like it so sold it to me. I am with straight talk so I took it in and the converted it to their system. I'm afraid I am not getting the full use of this phone. Also I have seen where if something is not converted I will not be able to use it later on. Please help me get the full use of this phone and still be able to use it later on. Thanks in advance.

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hey what do you mean if something is not converted? please be more specific and what kind of htc phone do you have?

umm that is interrestin. can you go to setting, once in there scroll all the way down until you see device name and then let me know. one more question, what makes you think you are not fully using your phone? do you think some feature are missing if so what are they?

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