Forum Thread: How to Create a Quick to-Do or Reminder Always Pinned in Notification Panel.

Everyone need a quick reminder when they do tasks in everyday life. But who wants to open an app and then list out all things.

Here is a quick sticky notes type app to serve you. You can create quick notes and pin them to notification panel.

Play Store-

Step 1: Install the App

Go to the Link [Https:// ] and Click on Install.

Awesome thing is this app doesn't require any special permission.

Step 2: Open the App You Will Get a Notifications to Add New Notifications and a Alertbox with New Reminder.

Step 3: Add Some Text and Click NOTIFY.

You can alway pin notifications as persistent as the will not disappear on swipe.
You can always delete or edit these notifications.
A "New Notification" Notification is always there to add new notification from anywhere.
In Lollipop Device you can see the notifications in lockscreen.

Step 4: Remove "New Notification" Notification by Going into Settings.

There is a small settings button on top right corner.

Step 5: You Can Always Switch Between Light and Dark Themes.

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