How To: Bypass T-Mobile's Tethering Limit for Free

Bypass T-Mobile's Tethering Limit for Free

T-Mobile's "Uncarrier" initiative has done wonders for my wallet and my data usage. Before I had to deal with being throttled down to 2G speeds after passing my data limit, but thanks to their unlimited data plans, I'm free to use as much LTE data as I possibly can. The only downside is, when sharing data through a mobile hotspot (tethering), T-Mobile imposes a 5 GB limit (which was recently upped to 7 GB for some).

Of course, you can pay up to increase this limit, but why not get it for free? With a simple edit to your device's APN, or access point name, you can skirt the limit and no one will be the wiser. If you tend to stream a lot of videos on your phone, this should make a helluva difference.

Step 1: Finding Your Network Settings

The APN is what's presented to your carrier when your smartphone tries to establish a data connection, so by adding a new entry into it, you'll be able to bypass the tethering restriction.

Your phone's APN settings can be changed from the Mobile Networks section in your Settings app. Most manufacturers have their settings apps themed and reorganized, but there should be a section clearly marked for configuring your mobile network.

Step 2: Edit APN

Tap the option labeled Access Point Names, then select the T-Mobile APN currently in use. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and look for a section labeled APN type. Add the word "dun" to the section, then save your changes.

Step 3: Create APN (Optional)

If you can't edit APNs, you will have to create a new one by tapping the + icon at the top of the screen.

Use the settings listed below to create the proper hotspot-hacked-APN for T-Mobile:

There will be additional fields available when creating a new APN, but just leave those blank. You may also need to reboot your device for the new APN to take effect, but then you'll be set to tether to your heart's content.

Were you able to get past your tethering limit with this trick, or do you have a different method to bypass it?

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This will actually disconnect you from the network

Thats weird. Changing the APN type shouldn't disconnect you from the network. What device are you using? Also, could you attach a screenshot of your APN settings.

Thanks for the great info, Andrew. A quick question if you get a moment:

I've just edited the APN on the Oneplus One I received this week, but am still forced to spoof either an Android device, a searchbot, or Mac Safari in order to tether to my MacBook without encountering the dreaded upsell page. I had already consumed my sad little 100MB tethering ration before I changed the APN, and am trying to determine whether the hack failed or if it will kick in once my new billing cycle hits and my over-the-tethering-limit flag resets. Any ideas on how to determine if the hack worked for me without waiting for that to happen?

I could just use Safari or a user agent (or avoid tethering entirely and use my broadband wifi), but my end goal is to tether my friend's Galaxy S4 (her only connected device) to her Windows 8.1 PC so she can watch Netflix on a larger screen without immediately using up her 7GB tethering allotment. User agents don't work because Netflix insists on Silverlight, which apparently becomes inaccessible when using a UA.

There is no way to tell without waiting for your next billing cycle. If you are using IE 11 you can use the Netflix HTML 5 player instead of silverlight.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my belated response. Thanks also for the IE 11 tip; sadly, the APN trick had no effect on my OPO's tethering capabilities.

On my zenfone 2, doing this just turned off my 4g and stuck me at 3g/2g. But, its an unlock, not a true t-mo phone.

Foxfi method is working. But also, when I use unlocked Galaxy note 4 (from AT&T), it autoamtically works without reduced speed. I tried this after I consumed all 7 Gbytes of tethering, confirmed speed reduced to near zero with T mobile phone. But is not limited with unlocked Galaxy note 4 (transferred from AT&T). I don't know why this is working though. App used: default "Mobile Hotspot"app from AT&T. Maybe the difference comes from a phone setting set for different carrier? Tmobile implanted a code to control the phone for their Tmobile phone? Oh, when I say working without reduced speed is : WIFI hotspot, NOT USB TETHERING !!!!

Oh, when I used unlocked Galaxy note 4, initially internet was slow and disconnected --> called Tmobile and he gave me APN differently ( - added only this, nothing else), and he reset my connection. Then started working perfect. Wish this experience help.

So this is working for me, which is great. But why does this work? How is this different from the default APN? Does this really give me unlimited tethering? Could T-Mobile patch this work-around?

i trying to use this config this to my metropcs galaxy s4 phone however dont work still slow speed act like dial up modem i cant stand for slow speed for mobile hotspot can you help me fix it to work around becuase i dont have high speed internet at home is sucks i use phone mobile hotspot need unlimited for my computer over wifi i got alot of stuff to do on my computer is large files like i fix computers can you help me thank!

Does anyone know what the correct settings would be for an iPhone 6?

hahahaha gtfo its an android and android only hack. There are no "jailbreak" equivalent apps. pdanet for iphone 4 use to work on a 6 your sol. especially if your on ios 9 unjailbroken. this is why android is > crapple on unlimited data plans.

Also this is old and no longer works but andriod still has ways...

If this truly no longer works, what other ways can i try? I've done a lot of research and i still can find another way. If you know, please share

just spring for clockworkmod tether and then use uc free wifi to turn you pc into a hotspot if you want to connect other devices

How do you know if this works..?

When you check the current HotSpot usage...does it still show the same way? Does it just stop calculating after 7GB?

Hi will this also work for the high speed data allotment

I solve this installing a proxy server on my android device.

Then configure proxy settings in the browser and global variables on my laptop (i'm currently using linux) and everything works fine....

I'm using Proxy Server from Ice Cold Apps, the free version. Configure a proxy server is very easy with this application. Then i create a mobile hotspot, connect my laptop and find ip address of my android device... usually if your laptop has the ip of android device is

Are you sure that just adding "dun" to APN TYPE will give you Unlimited hotspot if you have unlmted Data?

Cuz Your thing don't work, I tried so many ways with 3 different galaxy note 4s and invested 3 hours and feel like your thing is totally wasting of time.

You can hack the billion dollar value system with only 1 word, and it's "dun"? "duh"

Tryna do it on my galaxy s4 but I just lose my connection completely, can someone help me please? I need it! Thank you.

I wasn't doing this for the Hotspot I was actually getting just 1 mbps and under sometimes 2 but adding this got me back up to 10+ mbps thankyou.

Need one that works for a MetroPCS t mobile ZTE zmax pro

This fake trick,
Not work at all!

I know this is old, but I just tried and everything is working fine. Idk if I can go over my limit though. I'll find out tonight.

I can confirm this works. Spent all night watching movies on Hotspot data and went 4gb over my limit and it still works. Usually when I hit the 5gb mark, the speeds are so slow I cannot even search the web. Not now. Thanks.

Wow it actually worked but is their anything bad about it

READERS: This is working as of 05/xx/19. Go slow and ADD a secondary APN. Don't delete or edit your default config in case you mess up. The biggest difference is the APN type changing to "default,supl,mms,dun" instead of just "default" . My best guess is that when you "pay" for the higher speed service , they just edit the APN and add the other associated permissions. I just don't think an unlimited data device like mine should require an additional upcharge for this access.

I'm glad this worked. I don't need my hotspot very often, so when I DO need it, and I can see 24mbps down on the phone, but im throttled to 512k upon tethering - I must say I am a little offended. There is no reason users (especially unlimited users) should be required to pay an additional fee for usage of their hotspot.

If they are that concerned, maybe have a scalable cap instead. Unlimited users like myself, maybe get capped at 5gb of "free" hotspot access without the throttle. before requiring an upgrade. Basically users trying to use it as their whole azz internet would be seen and have to upgrade. Others like me, in emergencies, wouldn't have to spend hours troubleshooting.

You used to be able to add "MMS+internet" with your (default, supl, dun ,.... )Etc. But idk anymore

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