News: Looking for a Fast Smartphone? Pixel 2 May Be First to Ship with Snapdragon 836

Looking for a Fast Smartphone? Pixel 2 May Be First to Ship with Snapdragon 836

Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were, and continue to be, impressive in their own right. One of the reasons why can be found in its chipset — the Pixel phones were launched with the newest Qualcomm chips at the time, the Snapdragon 821. Now, rumors point to the Pixel 2 as the likely candidate to ship with Qualcomm's next chipset, the Snapdragon 836.

According to Fudzilla, insiders point to the Pixel 2 as the first smartphone to release with the latest Qualcomm technology. Fudzilla indicates that others have rumored the Note 8 as the first to ship with the 836, but they believe now the Pixel 2 is the much more likely choice.

The chipset is expected to be smaller than predecessors, and, according to Phone Arena, will be 10% faster than the current Snapdragon processor.

No one anticipates Google to hold exclusivity over the Snapdragon 836 — both Fudzilla and Phone Arena speculate that other companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung will produce smartphones powered by the same technology.

For the time being, however, Google appears it will be the first.

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