News: Samsung May Have Jumped on the Dual Camera Bandwagon for the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung May Have Jumped on the Dual Camera Bandwagon for the Galaxy Note 8

The OnePlus 5 may have received a lot of flak for its design mirroring the iPhone 7 Plus' very closely, but that doesn't change the fact that dual cameras have become increasingly more common over the last couple years. Samsung's next smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, is rumored to be the next major smartphone to sport the technology. Now, Samsung may have confirmed those rumors as truth.

According to Android Authority, Samsung showed off an upcoming array of camera sensors at MWC in Shanghai. While four new sub-brand ISOCELL sensors were presented — ISOCELL Bright, ISOCELL Fast, ISOCELL Slim, and ISOCELL Dual — Android Authority places attention on the last sensor as evidence that Samsung will be bringing this technology to a smartphone.

ISOCELL Sensors. Image via Samsung

That smartphone, Android Authority believes, will be the Galaxy Note 8. While the publication acknowledges Samsung has not confirmed the Note 8 will ship with a dual camera system, it believes the leaked renders combined with the ISOCELL Dual reveal are enough to assume the Note 8 will follow the iPhone 7 Plus, OnePlus 5, and LG G6.

Will the Note 8 ship with dual cameras? It's very likely, but not set in stone. For all Note 8 news, be sure to stick with Gadget Hacks.

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