News: Someone's Testing Out Google's Taimen Device & It's Super Fast

Someone's Testing Out Google's Taimen Device & It's Super Fast

More details about Google's latest Taimen device have been revealed all thanks to Geekbench. We already know that Google has been working on a tablet-like third device next to its original Pixel 2 lineup. Though, Taimen is not confirmed to be part of the Pixel 2 lineup.

Taimen may be branded with the Pixel moniker, but only time will tell. It's a Google device, though there's no confirmation on whether it will be a sequel to the existing Pixels, such as the Pixel C or Pixel XXL, or a Nexus 7 replacement.

A prototype of Taimen has shown up on Geekbench, which means that someone out there is in possession of the extra large device and is testing it out.

Geekbench bookmarked Taimen with a speed score of 1.9 GHz and marked it with the new Android O operating system. Check out the details below:

Image via Geekbench

Not only will Taimen be pretty fast, but the leak also reveals that the device will have 4 GB of RAM. This isn't impressive as even the OnePlus 5 will have twice as much, but it is consistent with last year's Pixel and Pixel XL. At this point, 4 GB is pretty much obsolete. Though if Taimen is a tablet, it wouldn't need as much RAM as a phone, unless of course, it offered SMS.

According to Dallas Thomas, our resident Gadget Hacks sleuth, Taimen is a Google gray area at the moment and really could turn out to be anything:

This could be a phone, just not the Pixel 2 or Pixel XL 2. Could maybe be some experimental phone from Google.

Google could ultimately give Taimen different branding from the Pixel. The device could even follow along with Google's Nexus flagship. Though, at the moment, all signs do point to it being, as Thomas adds, a "Pixel something or another."

That's all we got for the current Google Taimen rumors. As always, stay up to date with our continuously updated compilation of Pixel rumors here, or you know:

Image via Taryn Southern

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Cover image via Rohit Ajmani/Gadget Hacks

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