News: Pixel 2 May Resemble Samsung's S8 More Than the Original Pixel

Pixel 2 May Resemble Samsung's S8 More Than the Original Pixel

The latest trend in smartphone design is all about the display. Manufacturers want larger screens with smaller bezels. The rumors are heating up about Google's next big release, the Pixel 2, and with that, we may have a clue that shows us Google is hopping on the display train.

A spec leak from GFX Bench alleges that the Pixel 2 will ship with a 5.6" display rocking a resolution of 2560 x 1312. This number is of high interest, considering the Pixel, shipped with a 2560 x 1440 display, which gives it an even 16:9 display. According to Forbes, if the Pixel 2 does indeed have a resolution of 2650 x 1312, it will come with an 18:9 display. That's what phones like the Galaxy S8 and the G6 have. Welcome to the club, Pixel.

Pixel fans should welcome this change — the increased display real estate promotes a more immersive experience. There are some limitations — games and video will sometimes not utilize the display, or will be cropped to fit — but, for the most part, these displays are an improvement.

Apple is expected to follow suit this fall with its iPhone 8, further distancing major smartphones from TV-standard 16:9 displays. Will content creators change the aspect ratio of their content to match these changing displays? Only time will tell. Until then, just keep zooming.

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