News: Google-Approved CyanogenMod Phone Will Become Available Right Before Christmas -UPDATE

Google-Approved CyanogenMod Phone Will Become Available Right Before Christmas -UPDATE

Imagine if Apple sold customized, jailbroken iPhones at their retail stores. Do you know how freaking awesome that would be? Knowing Apple and their extremely tight-assed regime, it's more likely that Tony Romo will actually win a Super Bowl (Cowboys burn).

But Google is being a little more open-mined and just gave the go ahead for the first-ever Google-certified CyanogenMod phone.

UPDATE: The Oppo N1 is now available to order. The CyanogenMod-powered device will set you back $599 dollars. But the order price does include free shipping as well as, custom packaging, a CyanogenMod phone case, a remote shutter, and some CyanogenMod stickers.

The Oppo N1 will be the first device to run CyanogenMod out of the box. CyanogenMod is an extremely popular open-source OS that has been giving Android owners added capabilities and features on their devices for years. First spotted by Engadget, CyanogenMod staff member Abhisek Devkota, announced the update via Google Groups.

"The Oppo N1 device running CyanogenMod 10.2 has officially passed Google's CTS and CDD certification programs, which marks a major milestone for everyone in this project, not just those working on the N1 project itself. This has been something a long time in the making, ever since CM 4.0.4."

The standard model will run Color OS, Oppo's OS based off of Android version 4.2.2.

The Oppo N1 will start shipping December 24th. Making it a very happy holiday for the CyanogenMod team and softModders everywhere.

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