News: Durability Test Reveals BlackBerry KEYOne's Screen Isn't Actually Glued to the Phone

Durability Test Reveals BlackBerry KEYOne's Screen Isn't Actually Glued to the Phone

We were really rooting for you this time, BlackBerry! With the phone company having minimal success in the past with smartphones, the BlackBerry KEYone was extremely promising. That is until YouTube Reviewer JerryRigEverything discovered a fatal flaw, the phone's screen popped off with just a bit of pressure and then stopped working. So...there's that.

Up until now, the BlackBerry KEYone has been a success. It boasts tall and thin screens, outstanding battery life, and, get this, a classic, physical QWERTY keyboard. All of these features make it the most sought after BlackBerry in years. But now, you might wanna hold off on buying one.

The video below shows Zack Nelson, maker of the JerryRigEverything videos, who discovered the issue, as he tests the BlackBerry KEYone with trial by fire and sword. He scratches up the phone completely and it still works. He then takes a lighter to the screen and it recovers fairly quickly. As soon as he attempts to bend the phone, however, the screen pops right out and stops working. This lead to the startling discovery that there had been no adhesive keeping the screen in place at all, making it susceptible to easy breaks.

In a voiceover, Nelson lamented the BlackBerry's weakness:

Testing the overall build quality of a phone is essential to the people who want a phone that will survive everyday life. And unfortunately, this BlackBerry KEYone was not a survivor."

— Zack Nelson, JerryRigEverything

But he isn't the only one frustrated by BlackBerry's mess up. Since the video was posted, others have come forward, angered by how easily their new phone has been broken. It's not as if these people have been doing the durability test either. Consumers took to forums, namely the CrackBerry forum to complain about this major issue. Crackberry forum user "The__Q" claims to have taped his screen to his phone to get it to stay on, as it falls off frequently after one small drop. Another user, Noodles900, claims that their screen came off while they were lifting it to their ear to talk.

In an exclusive with Gadget Hacks, Zack Nelson commented on what BlackBerry should do moving forward:

The BlackBerry KEYone screen falling off is an issue that will probably affect every KEYone device at some point during its normal 2-year lifespan. Lucky for BlackBerry, the solution is simple. Just add adhesive to the screen, like every other manufacturer does."

— Zack Nelson, JerryRigEverything

BlackBerry and it's manufacturing company, TCL, have not yet made a comment about the KEYone's problem, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal to fix, if they play this right. The question is, whether this PR blow could doom further sales for BlackBerry, who just started to get things right in the smartphone business.

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Cover image via JerryRigEverything

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