How To: Enable Dark Mode in Google Calendar

Enable Dark Mode in Google Calendar

If your mobile is running Android 10 or up, you can just turn on the system-wide dark theme. If your device is running pre-Android 10, you will have to manually switch on dark mode for every app, including Google Calendar. The benefits of dark mode include increased battery life, reduced eye strain, and improved readability.

Google Calendar is a key component of many people's workflow. Having the ability to turn on dark mode for the Google Calendar app brings us closer to a complete dark mode experience. Android users are slowly getting more dark modes in our favorite apps. It won't be long until dark mode is a standard feature among all apps.

iPhone Users

If you're using an iPhone, sadly, the iOS version of Google Calendar doesn't have a dark mode toggle just yet. We will update this article with instructions if and when Google Calendar gets dark mode on iPhone.

Enabling Dark Mode in Google Calendar

Open the Google Calendar app. Press the hamburger menu in the top-left of the screen. Scroll down and press the "Settings" button, then select "General." Here, find and press the "Theme" button.

A "Choose Theme" dialog will appear. To make Google Calendar dark at all times, select the "Dark" option. There is also an option for "Set by battery saver" (or "System default" if you're on Android 10+). If you choose "Set by battery saver," dark mode will automatically kick in when your phone is in battery saver mode. As for "System default," this option enables dark mode when you have Android 10's system-wide dark mode enabled.

Once dark mode is activated, you will find the entire Google Calendar app will have a dark theme. The highlighted colors may be different, the background and navigation bar will now be dark grey. With dark mode on, you will now increase your battery life and reduce eye strain.

Cover image and screenshots by Spencer Depas/Gadget Hacks

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