How To: Enable Dark Mode in the Google Feed on Nova Launcher

Enable Dark Mode in the Google Feed on Nova Launcher

The word on the street is Android users want a dark mode. With the increased usage of AMOLED panels on smartphones (including some midrange devices), there is a considerable demand for dark themes and their battery saving benefits. Recently, Nova just added the feature to Google Discover.

Google Discover (or the Google Feed as it's more commonly known) is a page which lists relevant articles and information based on your search history and YouTube watch history. Nova Launcher is one of only a few launchers with access to this page, as the feature was previously limited to Google's official launchers. While there have been other ways to enable dark mode on Google Discover, they required the Pixel Launcher. With this method, you can enjoy the customization options of Nova launcher without giving up the black themed Discover page.

Step 1: Download the Latest Nova Launcher

The new dark mode feature is available on the latest version of Nova Launcher. Head to Nova Launcher's Play Store page and either download the app or update it if you already have installed on your device. The version you are looking for is v.6.1.6 or higher.

Step 2: Enable Dark Mode

With Nova Launcher installed, open the launcher and enter its settings by either-long pressing the home screen and choosing "Settings" or selecting "Nova Settings" from the app drawer. Choose "Integrations" and select the drop-down box next to "Theme" (by default, it will say "Light"). Select "Dark" from the drop-down box.

Step 3: Test Out Dark Mode

Return to the home screen and swipe over to the Google Discover page — if you don't already have it enabled, check out our guide on how to turn it on. Dark mode should now be activated, with the background being dark gray and the text switching to white.

(1) Light Mode, (2) Dark Mode

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Cover image and screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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