Forum Thread: How to Save a Number During a Call.

Writing down a number during a call can be a tough task. With call writer app you can easily take down a number during a call and dial it directly from the text note and also save it.

Step 1: Download Call Writer

Available for free and Ad free PRO Version on Android

Call Writer - Android Apps on Google Play

Call Writer - Android Apps on Google Play

Step 2: Install and Open

As soon as you install and open the app, it gets activated.

Step 3: An Icon Pops Up Whenever There Is a Incoming or Outgoing Call.

Step 4: Click on the Icon and Switch to Note Pad .

Step 5: Enter the Number in the Notepad.

Step 6: When the Phone Is Disconnected Number Is Saved Automatically in the Text Note.

A url is created for the saved number in the text notes.

Click on the number to directly call it. Also email and web addresses are saved automatically.

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