News: The Complete List of Lollipop-Compatible Xposed Modules

The Complete List of Lollipop-Compatible Xposed Modules

Now that the Xposed Framework has finally been updated for Android Lollipop, we're starting to notice that some modules function properly, while others are a bit buggy or even worse—don't work at all. Most of this is a result of changes to elements of the Android system that KitKat modules relied upon, and such modules will need to be updated for 5.0 compatibility.

In these early stages of development, bugs are to be expected. For many folks, this means a "wait and see" approach is in order, and others still remain on the fence. But if there's that one feature that you just can't go without, it would be nice to know if it's available before you go about installing the framework.

So with some help from various contributors across the internet, we've started compiling a list of the state of many popular Xposed modules on Lollipop. Since modules that hook directly into apps such as YouTube Adaway and Xposed GEL Settings haven't been affected by the changes in 5.0, most all of them work and will not be listed here either way.

Fully Functional Modules

The following modules work without any major hiccups on Android 5.0 and up. Modules that we've covered in the past link directly to their respective tutorials, while other links point to the Xposed Modules Repository.

Partially Working

These modules are either working for some users and not for others, or have a mix of functional and broken features.

Not Compatible with Lollipop

These modules are not working for Lollipop at all. Keep an eye out for updates or further development.

From the looks of it, things are already shaping up nicely on Lollipop, with the majority of system-tweaking modules already working. Do you know the status of any modules that are missing from the list? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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You can now include GravityBox LP in the list. ;)

Gladly updated! I also got to move a few more to the top of the list (Amplify, Resflux, and a couple more I'm forgetting).

There is a Lollipop compatible version of LG G3 TweaksBox now :)

most of are in not compatibility with lollipop now working on lollipop so please update your list

Xstana is working on lollipop, I'm using it

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