News: GravityBox Gets Lollipop Update; Most Features Already Working

GravityBox Gets Lollipop Update; Most Features Already Working

The king of all Xposed modules is alive and kicking on Android Lollipop. GravityBox received an update over the weekend that will bring its bevy of UI tweaks to folks who have installed the framework on their Android 5.0+ devices.

Most of the tweaks that helped GravityBox rise to fame in the first place have been ported to Lollipop already. A few will require further development before they'll be compatible with Android 5.0, but I'll outline some of the bigger features below.

The "Clear all recent tasks" button on Lollipop.

You can install GravityBox directly from the "Download" section of the Xposed Installer app, making sure to download the "LP" version. Alternatively, you can install it manually from this link.

Lock Screen & System Bar Tweaks

Right off the bat, you'll find some cool mods under the "Lockscreen tweaks" section. Ticking the box next to the "Quick unlock" option will cause your device to unlock immediately after typing in your PIN or password—no Enter key needed.

Under the "Statusbar tweaks" and "Navigation bar tweaks" sections, you'll find several options for customizing Android's system bars. "Statusbar colors" will let you set a custom color for your signal and battery icons, and the "Notification heads up" section has an option to enable a "Snooze" button on Android's new Heads Up notifications.

Power & Display Tweaks

Under the "Power Tweaks" section, you'll be happy to find an option for enabling advanced power menu entries. (Finally, a "Reboot" option.)

"Display tweaks" has a few good ones, but the main highlight here is an ability to set a custom LED blink rate with "Pulse notification delay."

Navigation Key & Launcher Tweaks

Under "Launcher tweaks," you'll find a set of options for customizing the Google Now Launcher. With these, you can do stuff like change the home screen grid size or allow any widget to be resized.

The "Navigation keys actions" menu lets you set custom long-press and double-tap actions for each of your device's navigation buttons. For folks missing that "Long-press back to kill app" function from custom ROMs, you'll definitely want to take a peek at this menu.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

Several awesome tweaks don't fall into any one major category, so always be sure to check out the various submenus when you're looking for a feature. One of the biggest tweaks in this category is a "Clear all recent tasks" button, which will allow you to trim Android's new Overview menu in one tap.

There are many more tweaks that I haven't covered here, but that's the nature of GravityBox—more mods than you could even imagine. Which are your favorite GravityBox options on Lollipop? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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