Samsung Android Pie Update: Messages App Gets a Quick Redesign on Galaxy Devices

Messages App Gets a Quick Redesign on Galaxy Devices

Samsung's version of Android Pie is set to be released quite soon, though we've known what to expect thanks to leaked beta versions of the software for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Fortunately, experiencing Android Pie firsthand has only served to pique our curiosity as to what Samsung has in store for its smartphones moving forward.

Perhaps the most significant change to come with Android 9.0 for Galaxy devices is a complete redesign of the newly named One UI (once known as Samsung Experience), which sports a cleaner, more modern look as evidenced by revamped home screen icons. Samsung Messages also got a new look with the major software update, but largely kept its interface intact to maintain user-friendliness and familiarity.

Upon opening the Samsung Messages app, you'll immediately notice that the options tab containing "Conversations" and "Contacts" has been relocated to the bottom for easier reach, which many users will welcome considering the large displays associated with Galaxy devices. In addition, the message overview section has shed its boxy layout and rounded out its corners for better aesthetics.

The conversation page page itself has largely remained the same, with the biggest difference being the removal of the borders from the recipient's chat boxes and the coloration of the contact's avatar (if no photo is assigned). Besides those, the message field has been colorized and expanded to house options like the send and sticker buttons.

Because it's a native app, Samsung Messages has also gotten the Night theme treatment that now comes standard with Android Pie. Not only does the new dark theme consume less battery thanks to a black background, it gives the app itself an extremely eye-pleasing appearance that makes the lighter colored chat boxes and various colored icons really pop out.

Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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