Limited Time Only: Google Play Apps & Games on Sale for a Dollar

Google Play Apps & Games on Sale for a Dollar

Now is the time to act if you've been in the market for some must-have Android apps but felt like the price was a little out of your range. The Google Play Store is running a sale so you can pick up some high-quality paid apps—including the popular Nova Launcher Prime and Poweramp Music Player, among many others—for just $0.99 each.

While there are quite a few solid apps here you should try—and with a two-hour refund window, why not try them all—here are our favorites you should seriously consider buying.

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is generally considered to be the best third-party launcher app. The free version is a great app in its own regard, but if you're willing to part with $0.99, you'll unlock a handful of other nifty features.

The full version of the app lets you open different apps with specific gestures like swiping, double-tapping, and pinching. You can set up custom actions for your apps when you swipe to open them, instead of tapping. You also have the ability to add tabs and folders in your app drawer for better organization, and you can remove unused apps from your drawer as well. Unread notification badges for app icons are included in the Prime version, and if you're rooted, there are some additional options as well.

(1) Options galore!, (2) Gestures can do lots of things, (3) Unread count badges keep you from missing things

Nova Launcher Prime normally runs $4.99, so you'll get quite the discount if you get it now.

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp has been the most-downloaded paid music player app in the Google Play Store for the past four years, and is one of our personal favorites. The app goes much more in-depth than your stock music player, especially the equalizer, which gives you lots of precision in fine-tuning your audio.

There are lots of customization options for how Poweramp looks, too. The Play Store has a ton of skins for you to download, and you can create your own if you're so inclined.

Buying the full version unlocker of Poweramp gives you access to all the new updates as they roll out. Start by installing the trial version to see if you like it, then buy the unlocker to really open it up. Make up your mind quick, because it won't be long before Poweramp's price goes back up to $3.99.

Today Calendar Pro

Today Calendar takes your stock calendar and gives it an overhaul, aesthetically and functionality-wise.

Today Calendar can sync events from multiple sources, and combines the "Month" and "Agenda" views, so that you can do all of your planning in one window. The app is also fully themeable, so you can cater how it looks exactly to your liking. Today Calendar is normally $2.99.

Other Apps

There are a bunch of other apps on sale, so be sure to check them out. You can add cool effects to your photos with Color Splash Effect Pro, Paper Camera, or Tiny Planet FX Pro.

Feed Baby Pro and Water Drink Reminder Pro can help you more easily manage important day-to-day tasks.

Like I said, there's plenty more to check out, so go have a look.

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