How To: Play Your Favorite PS4 Games Remotely on Any Android Device

Play Your Favorite PS4 Games Remotely on Any Android Device

Sony's starting to warm up to the current trend of interconnected devices, but it seems like they want to keep you within their ecosystem if they can. For instance, the PlayStation 4 has a "Remote Play" feature that lets you play your previously purchased console games on the PS Vita and Sony's Xperia smartphones, but this functionality does not extend to non-Sony Android devices.

They finally released an official version of the Remote Play app for iPhones, so maybe they're coming around. But if you're using an Android phone, the only official option is still exclusive to Xperia devices.

Thankfully, developer Twisted89 took the Xperia Remote Play Android app and got rid of a series of checks that would previously limit its usability. The restrictions he removed included a device ID check, a root constraint, and a Wi-Fi limitation. Simply put, you can now use Sony's Remote Play app to play your favorite PS4 games on almost any Android device — whether it's rooted or not, and regardless of if you're on your local Wi-Fi network or a thousand miles away on mobile data.


  • Sony PlayStation 4 (console and games)
  • Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or higher
  • Unknown sources enabled

Step 1: Enable Remote Play on Your PS4

First up, you'll need to enable a single option on your PS4. From the home screen, head up to "Settings," then scroll down and select the "Remote Play Connection Settings" entry.

From here, make sure that the "Enable Remote Play" option is ticked, then you'll be all set to go.

Step 2: Install the Modded Remote Play App on Your Android

Next, head to the link below from your Android phone or tablet to grab a copy of the modified Remote Play app. You may have to long-press it and choose "Download link." Once the download has finished, tap the corresponding notification to launch the APK. At this point, Android's installer interface should come right up, so press "Install" here.

Step 3: Sign into Your PlayStation Account & Play Your Games

Immediately after you open the app for the first time, Remote Play will prompt you to register a DualShock controller. This feature does not work in this version of the app (more on that later), so hit "Skip" here. After that, tap the "Next" button at the top of the screen, then sign into your PlayStation account.

As soon as that's finished, the app should pair with your PlayStation (as long as it's currently on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone), then you should automatically be redirected to the gameplay interface. In portrait mode, you'll see all of the regular PlayStation controls on the bottom half of the screen, and you can use these to navigate your PS4's interface and play games.

(1) Portrait interface (PS4 home screen). (2) Gameplay with virtual joystick in use.

If you rotate your device into landscape mode, these same controls will be overlaid on top of a full screen view of your game. If you're not interacting with the screen, these controls will automatically hide after a few seconds, but they can be brought back up by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Full screen landscape mode with virtual buttons shown.

Step 4: Pair a PS4 Controller with Your Android Device (Optional)

Since the official DualShock controller pairing solution does not work in this version of the app, you might want to pair a controller manually. To begin, press and hold the "PS" and "Share" buttons on your controller, then wait until the light on the back begins blinking.

From here, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Android device, then head to the Bluetooth settings menu. Tap the "Refresh" button at the top of the screen to perform a search for nearby devices, then select the "Wireless Controller" option when it comes up. Wait until the controller shows up in your "Paired devices" list, then you'll be able to use your Remote Play games with a DualShock controller.

For more information on this topic, including how to customize gameplay settings for your PS4 controller on Android, be sure to check out Neil's detailed guide.

Step 5: Modify APN Settings to Play on Mobile Data (Optional)

This version of Remote Play can be used over mobile data to play games from anywhere in the world, but it does require a bit of setup.

To begin, head to your phone or tablet's Settings menu, then search for "Access Point Names" or "APN" and tap the top result. From here, tap the settings icon next to your existing APN entry, then write down all of the information in this list. To make things easier, you may want to take a couple of screenshots of the APN settings for reference.

Next, head back to the main Access Point Names menu, then tap the "Add" button. From here, enter all of the information from your existing APN with the exception of two fields — in the "Name" category, type "PS4" instead, and for the "APN protocol" option, select IPv4 rather than IPv6. When you're done there, head back out to the main APN screen, then select your "PS4" profile and reboot.

At this point, you'll be able to play any of your PS4 games over mobile data — even if you're thousands of miles away from your home and your console.

Cover image and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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When I try to link my Nexus 5 with my PS4 I get a window making me to update the app. Is there an updated app? I'm on Marshmallow btw

I'm having the same problem as David Webster. Everything happens like your tutorial says except after I register it say I need to update the app.

Ditto here. Maybe because the PS had a recent system update.

Doesn't work, just keeps telling me to update the app

Maybe I have the wrong type of phone, Samsung galaxy s 9+. I've tried everything and it still sez I need an update. And zippy whatever it's called seems to lead me into adware. Can u help a brotha out?

I love you bro your fucking aswome

Works great for me. I did try to use my Ipega wireless controller as it has a brace to hold the phone above it. It kinda worked but some buttons didnt. Theres no way to map buttons in the app is there?

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Just download Google play remote play for ps4 and pair ps4 controller and sign in to your psn account and done bit of lag but easy got it on my tab4 and for mobile just use ur phone as a wifi hot spot and connect ps4 and tab to phone after connected trun off 4G and u save data and connection is constant still a little lag but it works

I Wichling I could connect directly to my ps4 with my tab like the ps vita it is so smooth playing no lag

I'm having the same problem as Gareth Holloway. It all works just fine on my unrooted s6.

However, I have problems using my iPega controller. Some of the buttons are not supported on the controller, while most others are OK.

If Nvidia Shield controllers are supported, other controllers should be OK to use too right?

So, the question is: is there an app to map the buttons correctly? Which the best one?

Any suggestions on how to make an iPega behave as DualShock?

i use an otg cable on my Galaxy S5 and doesnt require any button mapping with my ps4 controller

Hello, after upgrade to fw 3.50 the APK tell me to upgrade, any word on this? any ideas?

thanks Great POST

My phone won't let me change anything on my Access Point Names. It won't let me add anything, it won't let me reset it to default, and it won't let me change the settings. Can someone help me?

I was able to do exactly as stated above with my Galaxy Note 5. Worked like a charm, mostly. Sometimes it lags and I have to reconnect. However that is just for the PS4 homescreen. When launching the game (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) I'm the game only recognizes the analog controller, not the buttons. There is not response from their input. I can always press the ps4 home button to return to the homescreen and move around with all buttons being responsive. But in game, they are not recognized. What gives?

I have the V3.3 but its asking for an update, do you have a newer one than this one please? Cheers

Hey folks I need some help!

I'm not very "tech savvy" but I'm trying to get this done so I can play my ps4 on my Android smartphone with out my Dualshock 4 controller. I followed these steps and had no problem until I got to step 3, after I signed into my play station network account I got this screen:

There were no applications open on my ps4, but just in case I restarted my ps4 and redid everything and got the same screen again!

Again any help is much appreciated as I am REALLY looking forward to playing all my ps4 games on my Android smartphone anywhere I go.


It keeps saying the PS4 cannot be registered

I have followed all the steps, but when I go to connect my playstation with the app, it says the app needs to be updated!! I have followed both links to the app

Any help will be appreciated??

The app keeps telling me to updated, so I was hoping that someone can help with that.
plz and thank you

Hello so the link let me download the remote play app but once downloaded and connected to my playstation. It say i need to download the latest version. But i cannot seem to find a newer version anywhere. If you can find it that would be great thank you.

It says i need to update the app, hellppppp

How the HELL do I update! ? ?

Please. Update problem. This is ridiculous you can't use mobile data. I have unlimited 4G data. I have tethered my laptop to my phone hotshot and it worked flawlessly. But chewed through my 4gb of hotpot allowance data. Absolute joke this tbh as I have a Sony phone and am messing about, unsuccessfully it seems, to get a modded app of one I can get off the playstore. And same as others, says needs updating. Somebody please fix this, help, or give an explanation as to why this can't now be done.

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