News: Samsung Creates World's Most Breakable Phone Then Wraps It with Protection

Samsung Creates World's Most Breakable Phone Then Wraps It with Protection

After SquareTrade tested out the Samsung Galaxy S8 and found it to be the first phone to shatter on all sides after only one drop, it's nice to know we may have a solution for this $500 problem.

If you drop your Samsung Galaxy S8 and you don't have a case, be prepared to pay a hefty price to replace it. Or, now thanks to Samsung, you can wrap your S8 with a two-piece case for about $20.

The two-piece case is like a bumper for your smartphone. One piece goes on top over your camera and fingerprint sensor. The other piece goes on the bottom, and neither connect with each other. It looks like some strange half-done phone case, but according to Android Central, it's actually kinda perfect.

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The case will work with all versions of the S8, too. Samsung markets it as a great way to protect all the corners of your phone. It's actually a great way to save 500 bucks, though, in my opinion.

This "case" is really two pieces of silicone with a pad of that adhesive stuff you usually see called magic anti-slip material underneath. Each piece adheres to the top and bottom, and once in place neither piece moves unless you really try hard to remove them. I don't think this really qualifies as a case, but it's a nice-looking bumper for each of the four corners. At a minimum, it's enough material that I know I can set the phone down on its back without it sliding around anywhere or scratching the back and lens area.

Android Central also notes that after trying out the case, it was actually easier to find the S8's rear fingerprint sensor. Before, many users complained how hard it was to use the fingerprint sensor. Many wound up smudging their camera lens more than activating the sensor.

All in all, the two-piece bumper-like case seems to really complement the S8, even making the phone more usable and cost-efficient than without it. It seems strange that Samsung would want to create such a breakable phone and then sell a cheap half-baked looking case, but maybe that's the company's strategy.

Sell world's most breakable phone. Sell half-baked case for world's most breakable phone. Make money.

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Have you tried out Samsung's two-piece case? Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!

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