Samsung Android Pie Update: Notifications Get a Colorful Redesign on Galaxy Devices

Notifications Get a Colorful Redesign on Galaxy Devices

With its version of Android Pie, Samsung is giving flagships like the Galaxy S9 a much needed update to keep them competitive against rivals like the Google Pixel 3 and the OnePlus 6T. To set it apart from from other Android platforms, Samsung Experience has gotten a major face-lift that's being dubbed "One UI."

The update hasn't officially launched yet, but a leaked beta build has allowed us to try out some of Samsung's new features in Android 9.0.

One of the most apparent changes is a revamped notifications panel on the Galaxy's lock screen, which now features rounded corners to give it a somewhat floating appearance. This redesign also matches up with the rounded corners found on the Galaxy S9, Note 9, and the upcoming Galaxy S10 for a more uniform look.

(1) Android Pie (new), (2) Android Oreo (old)

The regular notification shade that appears when your phone is unlocked also received the rounded corner treatment while retaining the same basic layout found on Android 8 Oreo for familiarity.

Android Oreo gave Galaxy owners the option of setting the transparency of notification backgrounds to make them easier to view, and this has carried over into Pie. Accessing this setting is slightly different, however, as the lock screen and security options have now been separated into their own sections.

That said, to set your notifications' transparency, select "Lock screen" in the main page of the Settings app, then tap "Notifications" on the following page.

Inside the "Notifications" page, adjust the lock screen notification panel's transparency by sliding the "Transparency" bar until you get the desired effect in the preview window. Additionally, you can also tap on the toggle within "Auto-reverse text color" to automatically change text from light to dark, or vice versa, depending on transparency and wallpaper brightness.

Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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