News: Nexus 6P Bootloop Nightmare Turns Your Phone into a Fancy Paperweight

Nexus 6P Bootloop Nightmare Turns Your Phone into a Fancy Paperweight

The Huawei Nexus 6P was released a little over a year ago, but despite doing moderately well in sales, the device has had more than its fair share of issues. When first released, there were numerous reception and memory management difficulties that left users extremely frustrated, though, those problems were solved with updates pushed by Google.

Then, with the recent Android Nougat update, a whole new batch of problems arose. First, users started reporting that their batteries would die even with twenty percent or more charge remaining, and this is still an ongoing issue at this very moment. But now, a more serious bootloop problem is starting to become more common, which renders the Nexus 6P completely unusable.

The Current Situation

The latest issue with the Nexus 6P is a serious bootloop problem that turns your device into a fancy paperweight. This comes with no warning, and the problem occurs seemingly at random.

What happens is your device will reboot, then get stuck on the "Google" boot logo. No combination of button presses will get you out of this bootloop, and neither factory resetting nor flashing factory images will restore your phone to working order.

This issue is coming into play when users update to Android Nougat 7.0 and above. It was first reported on the second developer preview of Android Nougat, and has become much more prominent and widespread on Android 7.1.1. Some users on the latest version of Android began seeing this problem as soon as they hit the update button.

What You Can Do if Affected

If you're affected by the bootloop issue (or even the previously mentioned battery issue), there is one thing that can be done, which seems to be taking care of all known problems with the 6P: contact Google or Huawei, and have your phone exchanged for a refurbished one.

Both Google and Huawei are aware of the issue, but have still not released a statement on it. It is important to note that Google has a 12-month warranty policy, while Huawei has a 15-month warranty.

Some users are reporting that Google is exchanging affected devices even if they are outside of their 12-month warranty. The same has been said for folks that bought their Nexus 6P through Project Fi.

So if you're having any issues at all, the first thing you should try is to contact Google support. Failing that, contact Huawei, who manufactured the phone and has a longer warranty, but is slower to exchange affected devices.


Do you have any thoughts on this matter? Are you affected by either the battery or the bootloop issues with your Nexus 6P? Have you found a way to resolve it, or were you forced to RMA your device? Let us know in the comments below.

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Yeah funny how they know about the situation but when you contact google they play stupid. I'm pretty upset. I work outdoors in Canada and the issue with the phone dying in the cold out of the blue even with more than 50% power is making my work life miserable. I called in and let them know but haven't heard back. Now I'm get random reboots but at least it hasn't jammed up in the "boot loop" yet. My brother-in-law has the same phone and having same issues.


Oh man, that sucks to hear. When you call Google or Huawei, be as polite and as persistent as possible. They'll definitely provide you with the best solution for your situation.

Google states its a hardware issue, i replaced my battery and its now fixed.

In the exact same position as you Chris...

I faced the same bootloop issue on my Nexus 6P, after I received the nougat 7.1.1 update, it was fast great performance, but suddenly restarted couple of times and stuck after that in the bootloop, I contacted Google they were very helpful, even the warranty was expired but they did transfer me to Huawei, and Huawei have sent me a return shipping label and after 2 days from receiving my phone they shipped back another phone and now I am waiting for it, I don't know if it's new or refurbished.

Great customer supoort, I hope the coming one will not face the same issue.

Google states its a hardware issue, i replaced my battery and its now fixed.

Sold mine, just these days! Phew!

The thing is...Do people do a full wipe?

My Nexus 6P has the battery problem: shutdown with 20% battery and much shorter lifetime(can't even last longer than half day). Interestingly, My Nexus 5 Had the bad loop problem. Really disappointing.

Google states its a hardware issue, i replaced my battery and its now fixed.

I'm curious if unlocking the bootloader and flashing a custom rom like Cyanogenmod or NitrogenOS would fix the boot loop / battery issues.

Battery issues are pretty much confirmed to be a hardware problem now. I've seen tons of 6P users replace their batteries and it resolves the issue every time.

For the bootloop problem, I doubt a custom ROM would help, but at least it wouldn't hurt.

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