News: Check Out the Slick New Transition Animations in Android P

Check Out the Slick New Transition Animations in Android P

Google just dropped the new Android P developer preview for Pixel devices, and we're already finding plenty of cool new features. There's notch support, a new screenshot button, and even a way to edit screenshots after you've taken them, just to name a few. But one feature that's easy to overlook is the new transition animations, which have been completely revamped.

Up through Oreo, transition animations were pretty fast and uninteresting — they mostly just moved a tiny bit, then did a crossfade effect to finish the transition between one screen and the next. But with Android P, new menus now slide up from the bottom of the screen and even have a little bounce effect as they're moving.

Images by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

When you go back, the animation plays in reverse (from top to bottom). These animations are present in menus everywhere, virtually any time you move from one activity to another within the same app. Of course, some third-party apps will employ their own animations, but the new P style is present in Google apps such as Chrome.

This doesn't apply to home screen animations, which are still the same in the first developer preview build of Android P. Nonetheless, the new animations have a Material Design feel to them, so they're a welcome addition!

Cover image and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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