YSK: Your Android Phone Has an Alt-Tab Feature

Your Android Phone Has an Alt-Tab Feature

The Alt-Tab keyboard shortcut makes switching between apps and programs a breeze on your Windows PC. Just like your computer, your Android phone has the same feature baked in to make switching between recent apps just as hassle-free.

With Android 10, switching between apps is now a lot more fluid thanks to its full screen navigation gestures. But if your device isn't on the latest Android version, you still have the ability to quickly going back and forth between your two most recent apps by way of the recent apps button.

Android 10 & Above

If you're using Android 10's new gestures, swipe left or right along the bottom edge of the screen to switch between open apps.

Android 9 & Below

If your phone has the traditional back-home-recents buttons along the bottom of the screen, simply double tap the recent apps button to switch to the last app. This is the square icon on most phones, but it may also look like a set of overlapping rectangles.

Samsung's Old Gestures

If you're using the gestures Samsung introduced in their One UI 1.0 version of Android 9, swipe up twice from the trigger area you assigned to be the recent apps gesture. By default, it's the tab on the bottom-left.

So Android 10's gestures really shine here and Samsung's gestures are definitely the most awkward, at least when it comes to quickly switching back to apps you recently used. But on the bright side, you can now change to the new style of gestures on most recent Galaxy phone — check out how at the link below.

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