How To: Stop Incoming Calls from Taking Over Your Galaxy's Entire Screen

Stop Incoming Calls from Taking Over Your Galaxy's Entire Screen

With all the things you can do with your Galaxy, it's easy to forget it's still a phone at heart, and incoming calls that take over your entire screen serve as a rude reminder of this fact. Thankfully, Samsung handsets like the S10 and Note 10 come with a setting built-in that aims to keep these interruptions to a minimum.

Since the first version of One UI (Android 9), Samsung has had an option that lets you receive incoming calls as a less intrusive popup card instead of taking over the whole screen. With it enabled, inbound calls no longer totally cut you off from whatever you were doing, so it's significantly easier to pick up where you left off once you accept or decline the call.

Stopping Incoming Calls from Hijacking Your Screen

Simply open the Phone app to start off, then hit the three-dot button in the upper-right corner and select "Settings" from the menu. From there, tap on "Call display while using apps," and choose "Pop-up" on the following page.

If you don't want the Phone app to go full-screen when you answer a call, be sure to toggle "Keep calls in pop-up." If you're on One UI 2, you can further resize the call card if you find the default size too big. To do so, simply choose "Mini-pop-up" inside the "Call display while using apps" page highlighted above.

Now, calls will simply appear as a heads up-style notification with simple "Answer" and "Decline" buttons on the popup. It does cut into your screen a tiny bit, but it's so much less intrusive than the full-screen call UI was!

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Would be great to be able to minimize all incoming call screens, even if I'm not already using an app. This way i can Use my phone and let the call ring through. Why let the call ring through instead of ending it? Pressing End gives the phishing caller verification that your number is an active number and they call sell that info, leading to more and more phishing/spam calls.

That's all fine and dandy but what about being able to use your phone when someone calls and your phone screen was off? For instance the phone will ring and I will want to check my texts to see if someone on Craigslist gave me their number and was going to call. instead of being able to check if I want to pick up I have to annoyingly wait for it to go to voicemail.

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