Quick Tip: There's an Easy Way to Capitalize Words After You Type Them

There's an Easy Way to Capitalize Words After You Type Them

So you're typing a fairly long sentence to a friend in WhatsApp and you realize five words down you forgot to capitalize their name, what do you do? The lazy way is to delete your way back to the last word. The slightly better approach is to delete the one letter and retype it. But neither of these is the best way.

If you are using an Android phone and Gboard, you can capitalize the first letter of any word with three touches. First, double-tap the word in question to highlight the word, then tap the shift button (the up arrow) on the keyboard to capitalize the first letter. Done!

And for a bonus tip, if you press the shift button second time, it'll put the word into ALL CAPS to emphasize a point or scream through text. Press it a third time and it will go back to all lowercase.

Image by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

This also works with multiple words. Just highlight as many words as you want, then press the shift button once to capitalize the first letter of each highlighted word. Tap it again and all of the words you selected will go into all caps.

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Cover image by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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