How to Make Money on Android: 15 Apps That Give Rewards & Cash Back for Doing Almost Nothing

15 Apps That Give Rewards & Cash Back for Doing Almost Nothing

With the amount of time we spend glued to our smartphones, they could be considered a second job (if only we got paid). I spend a large part of my day scrolling through Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and countless other apps, and burn through hours and hours without even noticing.

While it's great finding out what my friends did over the weekend, I don't really have anything to show for it at the end of the day, so I set out to find some apps that could keep me entertained and make me some money.

The apps I discovered aren't going to make you millionaires over night, but they can make splurging on a night out a little easier. So if you find yourself needing a few extra bucks, or just want to finally start adding to your savings account, check out my top money making apps for Android below.

None of the apps require you to have any special skill set or equipment, so whether you're a couch potato or are looking to get out of the house more, you'll find an app that fits your needs. You should also keep in mind that these apps do not simply send you a check at the end of every month, but instead let you redeem your rewards through PayPal, via gift cards, or other similar means.

Complete Surveys for Extra Moola

There are quite a few survey-based apps that reward you for completing online surveys.

1. Google Option Rewards

First up is Google Opinion Rewards, which will periodically send you surveys based on the demographic you fall into.

The surveys don't pay out boatloads of money, but over time they can add up to some pretty decent amounts. Another thing to keep in mind with this app is that the payments are distributed as Google Play credits instead of actual money, which you can use for apps, music, movies, books, magazine, and more.

2. Surveys on the Go

Surveys On The Go is very similar to Google Play Rewards, but instead of getting paid in Google Play credits, you can actually receive your payout through PayPal, which can be transferred to your personal bank account. There is also the option to enter a Survey Code, which are special codes given out by companies that use Surveys On The Go to collect research data.

3 + 4. Swagbucks & InboxDollars

In addition to offering surveys, Swagbucks and InboxDollars also come bundled with other ways to make money. By using the built-in browser to check emails, download apps, and search the web, InboxDollars can earn you some additional money. Swagbucks does not have any of those extra features, but does comes with an ad viewer that rewards you for not skipping through ads.

View Advertisements to Earn Cash

If you don't mind watching ads for hours on end, there are more than a couple of good options for you.

5 + 6. Swagbucks TV Mobile & AppTrailers

You can use something like Swagbucks TV Mobile or AppTrailers. Both apps reward you for watching trailers for apps, movies, TV shows, and games. And Swagbucks TV Mobile ties into your Swagbucks account, so you can earn points through both apps at the same time.

7. Slidejoy

For those that would rather not deal with watching full-length ads, you can turn your lock screen into an interactive billboard with Slidejoy. Slidejoy replaces your lock screen background with ads that earn you money, even if you are simply unlocking your device, which means you don't have to launch any of the ads in order to start stacking up a few extra cents here and there.

Perform Easy Tasks (Some Work Involved)

This next category is for those of you who do not mind getting off the couch to earn a little scratch.

8 + 9. Mobee & Rewardable

With apps like Mobee and Rewardable, you act as a secret shopper and are sent to stores around your area to check stock, snap pictures of ads, and other small tasks that companies rely on to make sure their products are being displayed properly.

10 + 11. EasyShift & Field Agent

If neither of those two apps give you enough to keep you busy, you should check out EasyShift and Field Agent.

EasyShift will require you to fill out surveys and take pictures at specific locations, with each 'shift' requiring only a few minutes to complete.Field Agent will pay you to collect information like photos or product information from locations or your home.

12. Pact

While Pact doesn't really reward you for completing tasks for other people, it does pay you for doing things for yourself. When you sign up for Pact, you agree to put money on the line to keep your healthy eating and fitness goals intact.

Each goal is held for a week and are verified through pictures that you take through the app. You can also verify the pictures of other users to make sure they are keeping their pacts as well. Keep in mind that if you do not keep your pact, you get penalized by having money taken from your account, so be sure to only commit to goals you know you can keep.

13. Foap

Lastly, we have Foap, which is an app that allows you to sell all the pictures you've accumulated over the years. This doesn't mean you should upload all those selfies you take, but if you have some scenic shots of the beach or other hotspots around your city, they can earn you a few extra dollars. You also get to set the price of the pictures, so to be competitive, you should browse other users' photos for price ranges.

Add Up Your Receipts for Cash Back

If you're already buying groceries and other must-have products every week, why not scan you receipts in afterward or add rebate coupons for certain items you know you're getting before you even go to the store.

14. Ibotta

Ibotta isn't an app that earns you money directly, but can scan your receipts to find you rebates that you didn't even know you qualified for. You can also use the app to create shoppings lists that already have rebates attached to them, so that you know for sure that your next grocery store visit will net you some extra savings.

To unlock the rebate offers, you may be required to first answer a few survey questions, but none of them should take you more than a couple seconds to complete.

15. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog, on the other hand, doesn't earn you rebates, but it does scan your receipts to give you coins based off the contents of it. The coin value is different depending on where you shop, but once you save up enough, you can redeem them for gift cards or a PayPal deposit. There are also extra ways to earn coins, like spinning a slot machine and sharing the service with friends.

Again, these apps probably won't get you anywhere close to buying that new Lamborghini, but they can definitely help your beer fund. Be sure to drop me a comment below if you know of any other ways to make a quick buck on your phone!

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Would seem to me there ought to be ways to "game" some of those apps. Have a spare phone or run apps through an Android run-time on a computer. Use virtual machines to run multiple instances at once. Automate it so it can watch videos all day, every day so you don't have to. Run Slidejoy 24/7. Pictures for fitness can be faked - gotta love Photoshop. Maybe receipts for Receipt Hog can be graphically generated.

These apps are not available worldwide. You should mention this in the title.

Most of these apps are bollocks and pay almost nothing. I only use Google opinion Rewards. Not many questions and good money for little time spent.

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