How To: Earn Free Google Play Credits on Android by Filling Out Surveys

Earn Free Google Play Credits on Android by Filling Out Surveys

Make no bones about it—Google is an advertisement company first and foremost. Nearly everything they do is geared towards targeting the right people with the right ads.

In this vein, they've released an app that will actually give you real money to spend in the Google Play Store if you just let them know your opinion on a subject. It's not exactly what you would call big money, but it's at least enough to purchase an app or two every month.

Step 1: Install Google Opinion Rewards

When you're ready to get started, head to the Google Play Store, then search for and install Google Opinion Rewards.

Step 2: Create a Profile

When you first launch Google Opinion Rewards, the app will give you a quick introduction. You can flip through this introduction if you'd like, or you can tap "Skip" to move past it.

At this point, Opinion Rewards will ask you to provide some information about yourself. The aim here is to see which demographic you fall into so that you'll only be offered relevant surveys.

The opinions of some demographics are valued higher than others. For instance, the Opinion Rewards user base is comprised of mostly males between the ages of 20 and 40, so data from this demographic is abundant and less of it is needed. Females between the ages of 30 and 50, on the other hand, will receive more survey offers with higher rewards.

So fill out this questionnaire to create a profile for yourself, and when you're done, Opinion Rewards will ask if you'd like to receive occasional surveys that don't pay out Google Play credits. In the future, the app will notify you when a survey is available, so if you don't feel like being bothered if there's no money involved, I'd suggest going with "No, thanks" on this.

Step 3: Take a Survey

After creating a profile, you'll be taken to the app's main menu. From here, you'll be greeted by an overlay explaining how you will be notified when a survey is available to you. Tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss this overlay, and you'll see your Opinion Rewards dashboard.

At this point, you'll get a notification informing you that a demo survey is available. This is how future surveys will be offered, so tap this notification to see how the process will work.

From here, simply answer the survey questions as honestly as possible. If this were a paying survey, your Google Play account would be credited with the payment upon completion of the survey.

The frequency at which you'll be offered surveys will vary depending on which demographic you fall into. But when a new survey arrives, the process will be exactly the same as filling out this demo survey.

How much money have you earned with Google Opinion Rewards so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Well...according to my history, it says I've earned $51.24. I've used it mainly to purchase books and music. Music is great because I can just download it onto my computer and transfer it to wherever I want. Books go on sale a lot, so most of my purchases have been $3 and under.

Hmm, I know it's over 30 bucks... I recommend it to everyone I know, as it's easy peasy to use. I feel like I give them valuable info that's quite targeted thus negating all the time consuming junk that other surveys ask. Most people that I know also must think it's time consuming, and that's why I get reluctance to installing it from them. The few that have installed it though are quite happy with it. I know I am

I've been using it for just over 15 months, hey a few seconds to earn a few cents, why not. I've earned $39.96 and its nice to use it like people said, apps, music, books.

Ever fudge your answers, or does googs know all?

Haha. I try to give honest answers, mainly because, as you said, "Google knows all," and I'm okay with that.

Yes they do, I got caught. The survey asked about a water park. I answered and at the end they told me it didn't exsist. So be careful.

Whoa... now that I know people are accumulating $30-50 worth, I'm going to give this a try, though I'm in the overcrowded group of males 20 to 40.

To put my 10c in, since doing the surveys I have got $40.07, there is no rhyme nor reason what I get payed sometimes answer 1 question and get 20c do 2 and get 10c on one occasion got 1c another 51c and it goes on....... money for nothing..... sorry I forgot to mention the two Apps I purchased giving the people that make the apps an earner and some you have to buy for a better app. Love the ya web page first time here I'll be around for awhile I love a good hack.!!

In 15 months I've earned 35.56.

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