How To: This Is the Fastest Way to Get into Recovery Mode on Android

This Is the Fastest Way to Get into Recovery Mode on Android

If you've ever tinkered with a phone, you're familiar with booting into recovery mode. You're probably used to using a combination of hardware buttons to get into recovery, which usually includes the power button and one of the volume buttons. The thing is, you don't really need to press the power button.

With your phone on, open the power menu and select "Restart" to reboot your phone. While it's restarting, simply hold the volume up button. When your phone powers on, you can let go of the button and you will now be in the recovery — as I said, much faster.

Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

You'll still have to press and hold the power button, then press the volume up button to get past the "No command" screen on stock recovery, but if you're using TWRP, it'll boot right up. It's also worth noting that some phones have a different button combo to get into recovery. If this is the case, substitute whichever button for the volume up button and hold that down during a reboot.

Oh, and finally, this same trick works for booting into bootloader mode. Just restart your phone and hold the volume down button and you'll be ready to send Fastboot commands.

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Cover image and GIF by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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