How To: Google Photos vs. Gallery Go — Which App Is Right for You?

Google Photos vs. Gallery Go — Which App Is Right for You?

Google has started to release a Go line of Android apps. These apps offer a minimalistic version of their major app counterpart. So far, we have Go versions of Maps, Photos, Gmail, and more. Who are these apps for and why would you want to use them? Here's a quick overview of Google Photos and Gallery Go.

Would you prefer a feature-rich app or stripped down simple app experience? Have the option to choose between a memory hog of an app with robust features or a speedy lightweight counterpart. If you have a device with plenty of storage available or a device with not much space, there is an optimal option for you.

Gallery Go

Gallery Go is a stripped-down version of Google Photos with only a few key features. It is a basic photo gallery app with no social or cloud features. Gallery Go takes up around 24.5 MB, but this varies slightly depending on the device.


  • Faster performance than Google Photos
  • Simpler UI, less complex photo gallery experience
  • Would be easier for a child or old person to use
  • Uses less storage space


  • Barebones app with limited features
  • No cloud backup, Gallery Go is strictly for local photos.

Use Gallery Go If:

Use the Gallery Go app if you would like a simple, fast, lightweight photo gallery app. Also If you don't want Google's AI training itself to recognize things with your photos, Gallery Go would be a good choice. If your device is low on space, or it is running slowly, then Gallery Go is for you. Also, if you want a simple gallery app for a child or older person, Gallery Go is a good choice.

Google Photos

The older sibling of Google Go is the trusted Google Photos app. Google Photos is a fully equipped gallery app which has some bleeding-edge features like scanning documents, creating animations, creating collages, powerful search, online photo viewing, and ways to reduce space on your device. Google Photos takes up around 105 MB, but this can vary depending on the device.


  • Fully loaded feature set
  • Cloud backup of photos
  • Search your photos for people, objects, and words


  • The app will run slower on some devices
  • It takes up considerably more space on your phone
  • There are more features which make the app more complex and harder to navigate

Use Google Photos If:

If you are running a modern device and have enough storage for Google Photos. Google Photos is feature-rich and generally the better option. The UI is more complex and less friendly to children and older people, but it's still a simple and intuitive app.

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My opinion would be Google photos if you have less space because of the cloud feature. That way you don't waste the space on your phone with the gigs and gigs of photos. Think bigger writer

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