How To: Can't Log into Hotel Wi-Fi? Use This App to Fix Android's Captive Portal Problem

Can't Log into Hotel Wi-Fi? Use This App to Fix Android's Captive Portal Problem

Public Wi-Fi networks that have a captive portal sign-in screen can sometimes be broken on Android. This seems to happen randomly and on some devices more than others. You'll get the "Sign into Wi-Fi network" notification, but it just doesn't work. If that's happening to you, you'll be glad to know an app can help fix the issue.

Captive portal networks are common in places like hotels and restaurants. Instead of asking for a password as soon as you select the network in your Wi-Fi settings, they just let you connect. But you're still cut off from the internet until you sign into the portal, which looks like a basic login page and appears any time you try to load a website. When things go amiss while signing in, there's an app that will help you connect to public Wi-Fi and complete the connection process.

Step 1: Download the WiFi Portal Opener App

The WiFi Portal Opener app will help you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. It is a free app with a rating over 4 stars, and you can install it at the link below.

Step 2: Connect to Public Wi-Fi

Now, select the problematic network from within your Wi-Fi settings. It should connect right away, but you'll still be cut off from accessing the internet at large. Instead, you'll see a login screen every time you try to load a page in your browser.

If you're having issues seeing or tapping the login or connect button on the captive portal, open the WiFi Portal Opener app. It's really just a browser that loads the captive portal login screen. But unlike the built-in browser on your phone, you shouldn't have any issues signing in with the login info provided to you by the establishment. After logging in through the app, you will be connected to the internet and you can continue your regular app usage.

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I'm so glad I found this site I thought I was going to go crazy trying to fix a porthole problem, ( I know nothing about these kind of things) I'm getting ready to start using the directions they tell me to use. Wish me luck ??.

Well it didn't work so I guess I need to find something different to do for it. Maybe a new phone. We're having a blizzard here in New Mexico so I can't go to Metro PCS for them to fix it, so guess I'll be waiting till tomorrow.

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